Monday, May 2, 2011

Switching to a Toddler Bed, So Far Sans Incident

switching to a toddler bed

When it came to switching to a toddler bed, we were advised by many, many friends to delay as long as possible. And I suppose we did. Because the BabbyDaddy, aka the morning get up guy, said that every a.m. when he went in to retrieve the Babby, she'd have one leg hooked over the rail of her crib. And the Babby is none too shabby a climber. We've known for a while now that if she really applied herself, she could have gotten out of her crib on her own.

Did I mentioned we know too many people who's babies and toddlers have nose dived out of their cribs?

Switching to a toddler bed was luckily simply a matter of changing out the front piece of the crib for the smaller toddler roll guard. (And securing the Babby's desk-plus-hutch to the wall as a safety measure, even though that thing is a behemoth and steady, to boot. I'm just paranoid.) Then came introducing the Babby to her "new" bed, which was already her bed anyway, so that went well. She seemed pretty delighted at her new ability to climb into and out of her bed herself.

I was afraid that bedtime and/or naptime might be harder after switching to a toddler bed, but thus far we've had two bedtimes and one naptime pass without incident. Possibly because the Babby may not yet realize that she can get into and out of her bed after we've put her down to sleep - unlike some people we know. Not that I'm complaining about that.

But I'm also not counting my chickens until the Babby has fully adapted to her toddler bed!

Which is why I'd love to hear some of your switching to a toddler bed war stories... what weird behavior can I expect in the future? Will she continue to stay put after dark, or should I anticipate that she'll eventually realize that she can get up and move about the room after lights out?


  1. We've been putting this off for about 2 months. Sam climbs in and out of his crib regularly. The only thing that's stopped us from changing the bed over? We can't find the stupid screws, thanks to the move...

    Best of luck to Ms. P!

  2. Thank you! I might have let her do the crawling, but the BabbyDaddy was very much afraid that she was going to fall out and hurt herself. Something that a lot of toddlers we know have done. No major injuries, but still not fun stuff.


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