Friday, May 13, 2011

Toddlers: Listen to Bomani and Brush Your *Explative* Teeth

Gee, thanks Blogger for deleting at least two recent comments - sorry, readers! - aaand the scheduled post that was supposed to go up today. I can't expect much from a free service, I guess, so I'm exploring options with regard to hosting and so on. Maybe I Know How Is Babby Formed needs to be at its own url... different server... who knows. In any case, I'm bit irritated, and since I already lost part of that scheduled post once, I don't much feel like writing it a third time.

brushing toddler teeth
So instead of the post that was not to be, I'll just recap the Babby's two-year dentist appointment. Which I actually did not attend, but I got a full recap from the BabbyDaddy. Apparently:
  • Our commitment to dental hygiene in this household shows - so said the dentist - because the Babby was willing to let someone fiddle around in her mouth without nipping off any fingers.
  • The Babby let the hygienist clean every single one of her teeth with the mechanized cleaning tool - something I was convinced would terrify her.
  • There have been nasties lurking amongst the Babby's teeth, leading to what I'm calling a pre-cavity set square in the space between them. So there is now a little tiny half hole in each - for real, it looks like someone shot a .22 in the tiny space between two boards in a well-made fence. 
  • Consequently, we have to make flossing a toddler part of our bedtime routine. She was quite tolerant of it tonight, though she did accidentally nip me a few times when I tried to get to the sides and back.
  • The Babby being so good meant she got to pick treats from the treasure box. Her choices? A Winnie the Pooh sticker and a wee spinning top. Which naturally she thinks is a ball.
As to bullet three, I must say "What the heck?" Tis not like we have neglected the toddler tooth brushing. Far from it... we started brushing her teeth quite early on since she has teeth issues in her genetic profile. And we never once put her to bed with a bottle (esp. since she stopped taking them before she was capable of holding one herself), and the only drink she gets pre-bedtime is water.

I guess all I can say is "Aaargh!" and hope that $10,000 worth of braces and crowns and things aren't in our future.


  1. I am praying the kids have my teeth. I've never had a cavity in my life. Which drives Christopher bonkers because he ALWAYS has something going on with his teeth when he goes to the dentist.

  2. Him and the BabbyDaddy both.

    I've had a few cavities, but mostly in baby teeth because my mom didn't push the super duper dental routine. At least not that I can remember. I think I have one filling in a grownup tooth, so my dental issues have been slight.

    It would be super duper awesome if Paloma's only issues were a wee cavity here and there throughout her entire life. But it's a fear, since my mom has teeth that have plagued her. I got my dad's teeth, thank goodness!

  3. well, this makes me look really bad, but I only started brushing my baby's teeth at 11 months. oops. it probably makes it worse that I haven't even taken him to the dentist yet (now I'm officially terrible.)

    On another note, I awarded you the
    One Lovely Blog Award.
    You know, in case one day you're scrounging for blog post ideas, you can fall back on this. :)

  4. Oooh, my first award!

    And in your defense, the only reason we took the Babby to the dentist at 12 months and then 2 years was that she was early and preemies can have teeth issues (as we are now experiencing, bleah). Now we get to take her every six months, wheee!

  5. The Babby was so brave! I pray that Marlie inherits my strong teeth...never had a cavity or braces. Her daddy's side have horrible teeth! I'm off to go make a dental appointment for her just to see what we're working with

  6. It's a good idea! And the first appointment we ever had at around 13 months was just basically the hygienist brushing her teeth (with a reg. toothbrush) and the dentist having a look. This time, they used the cleaning thing that goes ZZZZZZZZZZ but we talked about the dentist and practiced playing dentist for about a week before the appointment.


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