Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day: A Recap With a Photo Collage Complete With Rounded Edges

My big plan for today was to post about the Babby's rocking dinosaur and how I didn't like it when it first came into my house, but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of the thing. And our family camera is on its last legs - it can take fine photos out of doors, but inside? Forget it. Maybe later in the week - oh noes, it's Wednesday - when I can remember to try to get a shot in natural light. 

So instead, I thought I'd delight you with some pictures from the BabbyDaddy's third Father's Day (along with a recap that will mainly be interesting to my parents). This was possibly the best Father's Day yet. At least for me. Hopefully for the father, too, since it was supposed to be his special day, after all.

Father's Day 2011

Father's Day 2011 festivities began a few days prior, with the creation of a painting by the Babby and the creation of (well, application of) custom candy wrappers by me. We also went shopping, an outing that included the purchase of food markers. 

A product that sent the Babby first into paroxysms of glee, then into hysterics when I would not let her use and abuse them as playthings.

They were only opened on Father's Day morning, when she and I made iced sugar cookies decorated with multi-colored rivulets of food coloring by the Babby and words by moi. We woke the BabbyDaddy with a cookie, though I suspect he'd already been awake, and then headed off to the beach by bike. There, the Babby engaged in some of her favorite activities: stomping on sand castles, fiddling about in what was probably dirty-ish runoff water, throwing rocks at other rocks, and getting sand in food.

An unfortunate snoozle on the bike ride back resulted in a distinct lack of nap, but the BabbyDaddy and the Babby read quietly together just long enough for me to mow the lawn - which was not part of the Father's Day festivities, but nonetheless important. Dinner was as close to a cookout as we can achieve, with cheeseburgers, salsa, corn, and s'mores sundaes. Hammock time was enjoyed by some, quality time with the weed whacker was enjoyed by me in particular.

Have I mentioned that I love a nicely trimmed edge? Have I mentioned that I love my husband?

How did you spend YOUR Father's Day?


  1. Love your photos...looks like you all had a great celebration!!

  2. That is a beautiful recap of a lovely Father's Day! You are an excellent photographer if you can work such magic with a lame camera.

  3. Thanks, Teresha! As long as we're photographing outdoors, it does all right. It'd be nice if I could take snapshots inside, too, though :)

    How was your Father's Day?


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