Monday, June 20, 2011

Raspberries, I Love You Because You're All That I've Got

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This has been a fairly disappointing year for gardening thus far. We had trays of seedlings we sprouted ourselves that were dug up by who knows what hungry animal the day after we planted them. When we said, oh, whatever and planted seeds right in the ground where the seedlings used to be, another or possibly the same animal came and ate the seeds. So we replace the seeds, and then it rains for a week, flooding everything and displacing whatever we planted. 

Thank you, nature! It's a pretty good thing we are not settlers 400 years ago because this would be the year we'd die of malnutrition.

We have gotten a few things to grow, namely pole beans and snappy peas and tomatoes, both planted and naturally reseeded. The pepper plants, bought as plants, have mostly survived, and there are squash and broccoli that aren't quite dead yet and may still pull through. Now if we could only find the time to weed the gardens. Last year? Not a problem. I was home during the day and could maintain the garden at my leisure, leaving the BabbyDaddy with less to do on the weekends. The Babby was not yet prone to roaming or yanking plants out of the ground indiscriminately so I could bury my head in my work while she puttered around examining blades of grass and picking up rocks and basically amusing herself.

Now she's more likely to beg to be let out of the yard or run down the sidewalk at what seems to me a terrifying clip!

But in all the gardening setbacks we've experienced this year - did I mention the blueberry bushes still are not thriving and the strawberry is anemic at best - there's one bright spot. The raspberry bush. I figure, if I'm going to saddle myself with an invasive species that spreads without thought to what it's crowding out, it may as well be something that produces food - and expensive food, at that. So to my darling raspberry bush, which is already fruiting and spreading madly, I say: 

"Keep it up. Keep us fed. And please, crowd out the dang lily of the valley!"


  1. I am super excited to say I think we might actually get tomatoes this year. Like..more than the 3 that were produced last year (all of which were partially eaten by something large). Our cherry tomatoes are fruiting, as are 3 other varieties I planted. So excited. I had to replant the dang green beans so they are only just sprouting now. And I replanted the dang beets until I ran out of seeds and I have some low lying leafage but I should have been able to eat beets twice over by now. I haven't touched the carrots yet, which probably needs reseeded, but I'm still trying to tackle the dang weeds that are crowding out the various plots. Just have to go through the radish plot (that's going to be a chore, I'm envisioning a 5lb bucket full of weeds by the end) then I can get to the carrot plot. But seriously, next year we are DEFINITELY doing a raised bed over there..too much hard clay making it hard for things to grow in ground. Then I'm betting we'll have a plethora of carrots and radishes and onions and whatnot growing just fine thankyouverymuch.

    Oh..and I think I may have lost one of the blue berry bushes, as it only looked like we had two yesterday. And no fruit as of yet, but they don't get as much sun as they should.

    In garden sympathizes with yours.

  2. Oh man, we are so in the same boat. Except with regard to tomatoes. Last year's Henry Field little yellow cherry tomatoes exploded. So much so that after we ate all we could, until we were absolutely ill with the things, they dropped and did a fine job of reseeding themselves ('cept something ate all the reseeded beans, grrrr). As for weeding, I've managed to pull them here and there in the back where the Babby is effectively locked in, but I can't exactly do the front since she's a fan of just running off down the sidewalk at warp speed.

    And yeah, stupid blueberries. They're hanging on, for sure, but I feel like they're doing it just to spite us! I figure if I can gorge myself on raspberries, I'll be happy.


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