Monday, June 13, 2011

Sure, It's Parental Hyperbole, But MY Daughter's an Artist

toddler art

Ever noticed how parents see genius or talent or beauty in their children no matter what? It's something, I think, parents are simply hardwired to do. When you love someone more than you love your own life, it's so easy to see every new development as something other, something more than what it is. Like the moms and dads who are utterly and totally convinced that their babies are speaking at three months or reading books at two years.

Parental hyperbole. Up until now, I've managed to avoid it.

As much as the love chemicals that flood my brain every time I look at the Babby try to convince me that she is the most beautiful toddler or the smartest toddler or the most X, Y, and Z toddler, my ruthless logical brain tells me differently. It's correct, too.

I'm not going to expound upon how precisely he Babby doesn't measure up in any one area, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty sure there are toddlers more beautiful and smarter and so on than she is. 

(In Estonia, surely, or Iceland or Cuba.)

But, oh, watching the Babby paint had me finally experiencing that shocking and humbling parental glow that comes with knowing, just KNOWING, that my little darling has, at two and a half, a definite notion of color and form and and and I know it's probably not true. Real art prodigies are drawn to art like moths to flames and can draw better than most adults quite early on. Thus far, the Babby has been fine drawing or not, painting or not.

Maybe the Babby will enjoy the the painterly arts just like her mama - or maybe not. My heart, however, had nothing but joy* in it while I watched her carefully considering where she'd place her brush and what color ought to go where. I know she's no artistic prodigy, because I am no idealist, but from hereon in I think I shall now and then show her more about the hows of drawing and painting instead of just encouraging the doing.

*The same joy I felt the first time the Babby said "shuffle-ball-change." Smallest good quality tap shoes I could find were size 7, and the Babby is still a 5/6, boo.

Have you engaged in parental hyperbole lately?


  1. If you say she's the net O'Keefe, then she is the next O'Keefe. Marlie is in fact the next Picasso. Maybe they'll study in Paris together. :-)

  2. Wouldn't that just be a divine thing? Once upon a time, I was SO art focused but my own mama drummed into me that art was a hobby, not a career. Which wasn't strictly true, but it did definitely dissuade me from even entertaining the idea of art as a career. But considering that my talent stopped developing at about 10, that's probably for the best!

  3. I have never heard of the Parental Hyperbole! While I like to believe I've avoided it, the amount of Tempura paint we have gone through begs to differ. :) And the reams of paper. It has been fun to watch as they originally stick with the colors, then they mix the colors, then they take an object and paint the object. The process is fascinating. What their little hands and mind can do, yeah, be proud, momma!

  4. Aw, thanks for your comment, Sara! I am going to be proud, and I can't wait for all those things to happen! These are exciting times for this mama!

  5. She is so beautiful! I just can't believe you haven't taken pictures of and posted her brilliant artwork - I know she's brilliant - just look at that concentration!!!


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