Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toddler Achievement Unlocked: TWO

toddler counting
Because I haven't so much as cracked a parenting book in my life and I don't frequent any parenting websites, I have no idea what the Babby ought to be doing at any particularly age. Milestones schmilestones. We did all that for 13 months with the help of EI, tracking progress in a binder even which was fabu for this Type A mama, and the Babby's development certainly hasn't halted or regressed, so I feel like we're okay.

Which is why I don't know if the Babby's grasp of the number two is totally sweet, entirely normal, or something she ought to have been doing five months ago. It's not that she doesn't count - but it's fake counting, memorized numbers she can say in sequence when asked to count that very rarely correspond to the number of objects in front of her. But two? She can count two, and not only when prompted. She likes pointing out when the reality she perceives has a nice solid duo in it.

For example:

"Two birds are swimming!" (as seen above)

"There are two people on that motorcycle!" (that just drove by)

"I have two flamingos!" (one in each hand)

Now I assume that two is the easiest non-one number for the Babby or anyone able-bodied to grasp because, well, most of us have two hands and if we're holding something in each hand, that's two right there. Eas-peasy. What doesn't seem so simple is looking at a motorcycle whizzing by and correctly identifying the number of people on it as a pair. And so maybe this particular toddler achievement is spot on or late, but I don't care. I think it's super cool that the Babby is finally starting to really internalize and understand her numbers.


  1. Milestones, schmilestones. I love that. I had to put the parenting/baby books down because they were compounding my PPD/anxiety. I would read them and convince myself I was doing everything wrong and that I was ruining my son. So, now that they're gone, I can focus on the awesome things he is doing.
    Yay for Babby and counting! I don't know about milestones either, but I am pretty sure that's Einstein territory. :)

  2. Glad I'm not alone in staying away from the parenting manuals. The only good one I ever found was the hospital health manual, which we used to jokingly refer to as the Babby's user manual. That was a lot of things like how to wash a newborn, breastfeeding help, what to do about coughs, how to take a temp, etc. All good stuff!

  3. Theo's just recently "unlocked" two, as well! Such cuteness. :)

  4. That made me smile. I hope you got her mathematical genius on video!
    p.s. I want to throw a book burning party for all the parenting books on the market.

  5. We are also on the excitement of everything being "One, Two". However, I love parenting books, to the point where I have the entire Sears Library. I don't actually read them. I just like to own them and their reassurance.

  6. @Rebecca Isn't it awesome to watch their brains just assimilating so much?

    @Teresha Tell me about it - I know too many people who have questioned their own perfectly good decisions because some book made them feel like bad parents!

    @Erin I am the same way about art/museum books. Though admittedly now I'm starting to destroy them for decoupage projects :)


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