Saturday, July 30, 2011

Germany, In 10

10. I saw family I hadn't seen in 18 years and spoke tons of absolutely terrible out-of-practice German and loved every awkward minute of it.

traveling to europe with toddler

9. There was, of course, a party. In the people tent, as opposed to what the Babby called the cow tent, aka the barn closest to the house.

opa and omi

8. This was the house:

Germany farm house

7. And these were some of the cows:

Germany dairy farm

6. We were in a spot on the globe where just about everything is picturesque without really trying.

Germany with toddlers

5. At some point during the trip, we started playing with the new camera's options.

tilt shift

4. Did I mention the farm tour? All of which was in German, so don't expect me to now be a dairy cow expert. All I know is they need light, air, and love, which in German is alliterative.

farm tour toddlers

3. I wore the Babby in the first time in a long time, in a sling to a viking museum, no less! But then she woke up and wanted out.

toddler wearing

2. Aaaaaand more cows! Calves. Highlights, according to the Babby: watching cows make peeps and poops. Okay, then.

visiting a farm

1. Speaking of poops, we all came back utterly pooped. (And sick, too, but that's a story for another time.)

touring a farm


  1. It all looks magical :)

    I love the faux tilt-shift effect too :)

  2. Isn't that neat? Thanks, new camera!

    It sounds so cliche, but it really was magical. The food was fresher - bought more often, of course - and the air smelled lovely (like cows) and we were surrounded by family and a whole lot of farmland + old cities and so on. You can't go wrong!

  3. The house looks welcoming and very beautiful! I wish I could visit Germany. My landlord (stepdad) works for a German company and he gets to go over there all the time!

  4. Well, you could visit Germany someday, no? And I'm jealous of your landlord!


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