Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is It Raining? No, It's Pouring. So What Else Is New?

It took me years and years to understand what the saying "It never rains but it pours" really meant.

But if I didn't grasp the meaning for decades, I've certainly made up for it now. Sometimes I feel like it's always pouring. Work pours in, then stops which is a whole other kind of cold rain down my back. We're sick, then well again, and in our first day back in the world, I nearly rip the door off the car (don't ask). I think a task is finally done, cross it off my list, then find out I didn't do it right. Twice. Possibly thrice if I screw it up again. 

And FYI, it's pouring here today, so if I'm short with you or slow responding to emails or just seem distant, that's why.

when it rains it pours

With all this pouring, I'm finding it intensely difficult to concentrate at the moment. Which is all right, I suppose, if only in that it means I'm never thinking about any of the things hanging over my head for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe it's just post-travel - and post-illness - blues, but things feel really yucky poo poo at the mo' and the only recourse I have is... scratch that, other than the whole "shift in perspective" thing I'm utterly crappy at, nothing.

(Oh, how I wish I was one of those people who walk through life all la la la everything is dandy. I know a few, and they always seem so happy. *waves*)

But since a shift in perspective is all I have available to me at the moment, here's a list of the not entirely terrible circumstances that are in part the result of all the pouring going on:
  • I suddenly have quite a bit of "free" time available in August, which is time I can use to actually make good on setting myself up as a business again.
  • I may be able to barter a proper nice-looking business website for myself - I tried to DIY it with poo-poor results - if a colleague of mine has the time.
  • I am no longer harboring campylobacter (note: it wasn't just jet lag). The Babby is also in the clear, which is good because if she wasn't I'd be at home bawling right now instead of here just close to bawling but not actually doing so.
  • Harboring campylobacter meant that I lost weight after a vacation during which I gained no weight. And I'm hungry now, but too stressed out to eat, so hooray?
  • I at least have the in-office job I now know I am lucky to have, without which we would have been mega broke by now after so much of my work tanked due to circumstances beyond my control. Thanks, American economy and also people in the third world willing to do what I do for a $1 a day!
  • The car door is still basically attached to the car (do. not. ask.).


  1. I've been rickrolling everyone today, it should cheer you up:

  2. Ahahaha, aw, thanks!

    As an aside, that dude looks like the BabbyDaddy used to a dacade ago when he didn't have a beard!

  3. I so want to ask... Resisting takes much effort.

  4. I always lose weight on vacation because I am so much more active. You should have seen me after 3 weeks in Europe...scrawny!
    I won't ask about the car door except about how it's still string?

  5. Hey There. Visiting from sits. Hope you've been greeted with a bit of "sunshine". Now, what happened to the car? I kid, I kid. I myself was involved in a little fender bender but everyone was ok so i'm trying not to stress over it. Cheers!


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