Monday, July 4, 2011

Questions Answered: Why I Work the Way I Do

having baby while working

It's funny, as much as the BabbyDaddy has said that "putting myself out there" is important to me, there are some topics I just shy away from. I seem to have no problems talking about the practical and emotional issues surrounding working motherhood, and I'll freely admit that putting the Babby in daycare and going to work every morning is just so not my bag.(Big apologies to my employers, if they are reading this!)

What I haven't talked about is WHY I am working at a job that requires me to show up at certain times and even occasional requires me to talk to people using business jargon. It's obviously not my first choice, though it's the best possible job situation I could have found and furthermore a job at which I am learning some junk and am frequently praised for my brilliance. (Thanks, my employers!)

And the answer to that big WHY is that I want to have another baby. And then I want to stay at home with that baby like I did with the Babby.

Counter-intuitive, you say! Makes no sense, you say! How does taking a job outside of the home make it so the BabbyMama can stay AT home with a baby? I'm not entirely clear on that myself, really. Okay, that's not exactly true. There are a number of ways that my gaining work experience, contacts, and knowledge could help me get back to a place where it's possible for me to be pregnant (after prematurity and miscarriage, which is a whole other ball o' wax) and then a mama of two without my family having to become traincar hobos. 

Oh, I have plans, some big and some small, but you ask the people who know me and they'll tell you I have a way of getting what I want. Even if it takes a while.

That said, it's not just work-work that I hope to transform into a funnel of baby-telecommuting-etc. For those who've scratched their heads at the fact that I took an almost full-time job without actually letting of my freelance clients go, this is the answer. Baby. Making money so I can give the whole baby making thing another try and see if this time I might be more successful. And sewing? Besides getting a real kick out of making junk, I'm always wondering how things would go down if I sold some. To make it easier to have that hypothetical baby. Children's book. Baby. Yes, I'd be happy to take on your project. Baby.

I realize it's a little crazy. Or a lot crazy! Who knows! But working my tail off sure beats hanging around moping while everyone around me has babies because maybe they made better choices once upon a time than I did. I'm going to get there - I just don't know how quite yet. Right?


  1. I see the method to your madness. It's what I call the stacking the deck plan and it's brilliant. Plan A begets Plan B begets Plan C and so on. I make plans like this all the time. It drives my hubby nuts, but it keeps me sane knowing that I have options (or ways out) toward meeting a goal.

  2. Does it work? Does it work? If this kind of thing has worked for you in the past, that makes me feel really good! :) (Because you're an extra smart awesome lady!)

  3. : ) Like you, I have a way of getting my own way. So, yes, I say it works. For instance, I want to re-enter the workforce this fall with a new career in mind (writing). I plan to do several things to get their including temp work, volunteer work, consulting/freelance work. It sounds like madness, but it's all part of my master plan. I believe deep in the universe that the perfect opportunity will come my way if I leave as many doors open. That's usually how it's worked out for me anyway. I know it will for you too because you are an extra super smart lady!


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