Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caulking a Kitchen or 'Look, I'm Handy!'

caulking a kitchen

So I want to make the flavor of I Know How Is Babby Formed a little more positive. Not less real, because I am nothing if not real. But it's not like my situation has changed and I think y'all must get pretty sick of my once-a-week whining.

What's funny is that I'm typing this as the Babby has a HUGE tantrum in her room because she was in a time out for hitting and now I won't pick her up until she says she's sorry for hitting. That's the penalty for hitting: a short time out, then an apology.

Anyway, things aren't all bad! I've finally been getting some work done on my secret business project - I was motivationally challenged for a long time, thanks to having too much on my plate. And I managed to reupholster the sister chair to this one. Today, on my lunch break, I caulked the kitchen counter, which is why the surfaces in the above photo look oddly bare.

And you probably thought it was just all that voluntary simplicity in action!

But the best thing going on right now is that the BabbyDaddy's work schedule has allowed him to make it home in time for the Babby's dinnertime so we can all eat together. Usually, I'm torn between eating with the Babby or waiting and eating too late in the day. Or what I think is too late because by then I'm starving. Yay for family dinner!

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  1. boo for toddler hitting (I am thinking of getting someone a punching bag). yay for family dinner! love the color of your kitchen cabinets.


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