Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Truly, Another Banner Day at BabbyHaus

toddlers and doors

  • The Babby, for the first time ever, exited the house on her own. Normally this would not be possible but the latch on the screen door is a little broken allowing the Babby to push the door open. From there, she made her way onto the front walk. Imagine my terror when I heard the BabbyDaddy saying "Babby?" from the back yard and the Babby saying "Papa?" from the front! I poke my head out the door just in time to see the Babby take off down the sidewalk. We fixed the door immediately. And ack, the TERROR!
  • The Babby used the word 'hate,' as in (her words) "I hate doing this." This was weird, considering that she was doing something she really likes doing, which was standing on a chair splashing my toothbrush around in a sink full of semi-grody water. And really, how could you possibly hate doing that? But anyway, we had a talk about using *that word*. I said she could say she didn't like it, but that hate isn't a nice word. I'm wondering if she picked it up at home, since I try really hard not to say I hate anything around the Babby.
  • The Babby ate quite a lot of roasted broccoli with olive oil, salt, and Herbs de Provence. This warmed my heart, since that is just about my favorite food in all the world. This is the second time she's even eaten it - not just with gusto, but at all - and the first was roughly a year ago so I kept saying "Mmm, broccoli, isn't is good? Don't you love broccoli?" in the hope that next time it is served, she'll remember. The main hurdle was even getting her to taste it since she assumes that everything that is not yogurt, macaroni and cheese, berries, applesauce and apples, or chocolate (goodness helpus) is poison. Once she licked a piece and realized that it tasted so very much of oil and salt, she was happy to eat quite a bit.
  • And finally, this was the Babby's first truly happy weekday - barring the results of her great escape - since we returned from Germany. Daycare is still a bit of a wash, but at least she didn't cry upon returning home and then she and I had a lovely afternoon that involved a lot more snap pea crisps that it perhaps ought to have had. But heck, they do have actual peas in the ingredients, and I love them, too. Also, baked not fried for those who care about that sort of thing, which considering how much olive oil I put on my veggies, I obviously don't.


  1. Oh boy! Now I know why my fiance is safety locking everything before his daughter visits us in two weeks. I can't wait for her to come. :) I need some 'baby sleeping in the room' experience.

  2. I love the synergy of the universe. My older son used the word hate for the first time that I'm aware of last night.

    We were driving to pick up a prescription for his baby brother and just chatting and he said "I hate schooldays." I was floored. This led to a discussion of why (he likes being at home with us and weekends are just so much fun) and then a discussion of what hate means. It turns out he didn't really understand the word and so I think we got a good discussion in about how strong that word is and alternatives to express what he was really thinking.

    By the way, he loves school/camp/all of that. He woke up this morning with a stomachache and threw up, so I think that might have been part of it.

    But it raises the question, what do you think of your child using the word hate? Is it just a fine was to describe something they might dislike? Or is it too strong of a word?

    He's turning four in a couple weeks, and it just seems they are too young to really be able to harbor hate in their hearts.

    I really do love the synergy of the universe that you posted because it leads me to think that hate really is a deal...

  3. @Wiley And the coolest part is that I know at least one other person whose kid just started saying "hate". I think for me, hate is just an ugly word and I like it to be reserved for ugly things. I hate animal abuse and war and things like that. But, say, brie cheese? I dislike it, I think it's yucky, but I don't hate it. I want to know that if the Babby tells me she hates something, that it means I need to look into it (whether it's a person, an activity, etc.). But oddly, I'm cool with her loving cookies and also loving me, possibly with equal intensity at two and a half years old ;)

  4. I remember growing up, we were not allowed to use the words "hate" and "lie". Words like "did not like" and "fib" were much more acceptable. It's amazing how quickly kids pick up things. They only need to hear it once.

    The babby escape bit scared me from here! Glad she is okay.

  5. I have to ask why not 'lie', trininista? That's not one I would have thought of as being particularly bad.

  6. That Babby! She even looks mischievous in the photo. I hope your heartbeat has returned to a normal rate. Now, why do I want to go watch The Breakfast Club after reading this post?


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