Saturday, September 24, 2011

The BabbyMama Goes Jogging

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No one liked me last night. At least not anyone in my house. 

The Babby was overtired and up too late and when I told her the book she'd picked out for mama's story time, she just said "I'll read it myself!" Which is one way to get around having to reconcile the fact that a firetruck is also a feuerwehrwagen. And the BabbyDaddy was in some kind of mood, too, so everyone was just kind of clashing. 

In the end, the Babby ended up going to bed without a story and having herself a little pre-sleep cry, the BabbyDaddy was sulking in a chair, and I couldn't stop thinking about how earlier in the evening he said that he felt like I was trapping him in the bathroom.

So I went for a run. A run that was probably my first real run since before I graduated college. I mapped out a two mile route after I got my sneaks on and jogged out the door. Walked to the end of the yard. Then took off in the drizzle.

At the halfway point, the sky went gusher and I ran the rest of the way in the pouring rain. Here's what I looked like when I got back:

running as therapy

Oh, hey, and a P.S. - I'm going to try reading blogs with a reader again. I cleared out all the hundreds of wedding planning and home decor subscriptions I had in my Google Reader from my Manolo days *sniff* and now the only things in there are Design Mom and emma's designblogg. I'd love to get some suggestions! What inspirational, design-oriented blogs are you reading for decor and craft and lifestyle ideas?



  2. So, one of them won't poop, and the other is trapped in the bathroom? Your family is developing an obsession with bodily functions? ;)

    Sorry you had a crappy day (OH! no pun intended, but I'll leave it there.) You and I should have a Mom's time out soon. :)


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