Friday, September 9, 2011

Get to Spend the Whole Weekend with These Folks

fathers and daughters

STILL trying to figure out what to do about our stroller situation. We have two, both of which are currently in the car. One is kind of too big - 25 pounds of kid in 28 pounds of stroller, whoa - but better for winter strolling. One folds up nicely, but isn't winter-friendly. Then again, I bet most of our winter walking will be done on foot across the board. 

Yet I'm hesitant to give up the biggie. The big one is better for wee babies, which I'm hoping to have again someday. But even so, I could see the Babby preferring something like the Joovy sit and stand double so she can hop on and off as she likes it while a future baby rides.

What else? I have a lead on a piano for cheap that includes delivery, and selling the Buzz would pay for that plus some extra.  

What to do... what to do?


  1. I have a sit/stand. It's SUPER handy!

  2. I figure it's how we'll roll (ha!) WHEN (trying to stay positive here) we have another baby.


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