Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keeping Life's Little Ups and Downs Blissfully Little

Life has been full of little ups and downs lately. What follows is a quickie rundown for the curious.
Professionally: I received my first inquiry from my business website, but haven't heard anything back after our initial chat. And I received an interesting recruitment email via LinkedIn, but received no response to my letter of interest. I offered to take on more responsibilities at work and my offer was met with enthusiasm, but I later discovered that the area I was offering to handle is currently in complete disarray. Oops.

Personally: My toothache isn't a cavity (yay) but rather a small area of exposed root that is essentially permanent (super boo). I finally got in touch with my mom only to find out that it's pretty likely that I won't be receiving a visit from family around my birthday. And I guess my birthday is coming up, but I'm not a fan because birthdays are too often disappointing.
Like I said, there have been some little ups and some little downs. Nothing major, nothing exciting.

At times like this when I feel maybe I'm floating in a flat sea in the calm before the storm, I have to remind myself that sometimes having nothing major and nothing exciting going on beats the alternative.

P.S. - We're having a waffle party soon. Did you know that? If you're one of the local moms on my radar and we know you, consider yourself invited. If you're not local, have a waffle on October 1 along with us.

P.P.S. - I'm trying to spread the word about Graham's Foundation's Boston Micro-Tinis for Micro-Preemies event. It's at the Nine Zero Hotel in Boston on October 13 from 6-9 p.m. If you know anyone who might want to have a fun night out while supporting a great cause, pass it along!

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