Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I'm Thinking About On a Less Than Lazy Sunday

FYI: Today is the LAST day to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway! I'd love to see this giveaway hit 150 entries! 

  • My boss, a prince among men, has offered a limited telecommuting trial period where I'm home Monday and Friday and in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Works for me! Here's yours truly, one step closer to being able to have a second child!
  • So many things have changed or ended this year. My self-employment. My authorship of the Manolo blogs. The future status of a non-profit newsletter I write for. The marital status of people around me. People getting pregnant. Pregnancies ending. And so on. Little changes and big changes. What is it about 2011 that resulted in so much change?
  • I've said this elsewhere - twice - but I am enjoying the fruits of the 72 Ideas in 72 Days Project. Less clutter. Less tidying. More counter space. A fresher, brighter, healthier-feeling home. There's a ebook called One Bite at a Time that features 52 simplification ideas. I might tackle that next!
  • For some reason, I've been feeling really nesty lately. I never did get nesty when I was pregnant with the Babby. Maybe it's because I'm in the process of gestating my new professional website and seeing where I can take it. Now is not the time for me to have another pregnancy, but there's never a wrong time for creation. I've been spending all sorts of time thinking about changes I want to make to my home and decor.
  • We're going to go to The Pulse Cafe in Somerville for diner style vegan food tonight. Hello, chicken fried seitan!
P.S. - I'd love to know: What special things does your family do to celebrate the coming of autumn?


  1. That work situation sounds perfect! My boys went camping last night before the weather gets too cold. I stayed home! Talk about the perfect set-up! :)

  2. Close to perfect, really - perfect would be all week from home!

    I'm pretty envious that you had a night (or more) to yourself! That's a gift I could use :)

  3. What a sweet set up. btw, I love seitan. If I could get hubby to eat it, we'd go vegetarian all week and not just weekdays.

  4. yay for getting to work from home!

    Autumn- means I need to go sweater shopping. :)

  5. I'm so happy that you're going to have some days at home! That will be so nice!


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