Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Things to Do With a Rice Sack

things to do with a rice sack

Making Lemonade

Hmmm... I'm having all sorts of problems today leaving comments on other people's blogs. Specifically Wordpress blogs. I submit, the page refreshes, my comment isn't there, and if I try to resubmit, it says a duplicate comment was detected. No notice about moderation, nothin'. So I love you all - I just can't tell you how much. UPDATE: I'm 99.9% sure Akismet has put me on its blacklist, boo. Hopefully they answer their emails! But if you're a Wordpress user and think I may have commented on your blog, please check your spam for my comment love.

Akismet fixed my issue, yay!


  1. I am pinning this picture to Pinterest. I LOVE this idea!!!! My best friend's husband is a rice farmer. I would think of her all the darn time. LOVE. THIS.

  2. Wow, thanks! My first ever pin! So glad you like it :)

  3. lol...suggestion re: comments. It may be your pop-up blocker, or "cookies". I had a problem earlier posting to another blog, and I had to temporarily allow pop up(s). If that or "enabling cookies" doesn't work....

    um...I dont' know...

  4. I got your comment just fine! Thanks for dropping by...motherhood, jobs, etc. can be overwhelming!

  5. Who knew a bag of rice could be so fashionable!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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