Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday! (Better Than Good Enough? Nah.)

better than good enough

I'm participating in this week's Hey, It's Okay Tuesday! link-up over at Airing My Dirty Laundry. Mostly because I kind of like the idea of some stuff being just okay. Sometimes, instead of wishing for better than good enough, it's probably all right to think, yeah, could be worse!

Here are five things that I think are solidly okay - and if you don't agree, that's okay, too!

1. It's okay that my to-do list never ends and that there's always something more to do. It's not always work or chores, anyway. A lot of the time it's things like add darts to the jacket I scored on Freecycle (and let's get those shoulder pads out while we're at it). Why should I have to do everything all the time forever, anyway? Life's a journey, right?

2. It's okay for me to secretly wish that someday one of the blogs or projects I coordinate will become my ticket to that magical tipping point where so much work is flowing toward me that I can get a little more choosy and spend more time with my family. Hello, powerful people! *waves* I'm a published author - let's talk books!

3. It's okay that the Babby sometimes eats dry cheese tortellini as part of lunch or dinner. And I'm talking about the crunchy stuff that's stored on the shelf. She can have the water on the side, in a cup. Her diet may get a little weird sometimes, but we keep it food group friendly, veggie full, and low on sugar.

4. It's okay that I'm still trying to figure out how to make the Babby's introduction to German a positive thing. And as much as I beat myself up over it, it's also okay that I left her introduction to a second language this late.

5. It's okay that I'm writing this at work, because I'm sitting here waiting on materials from other people. Get me what I need to do my job and then I'll do it!

What's on your Hey, It's Okay list?


  1. It's okay that I am not introducing my children to a second language besides a tiny bit of "hola" :)

  2. love the list. I'm okay with not having combed my hair since Sunday.

  3. #5 cracked me up mostly because I'm doing the same thing right now. Plus its after 5 so that really makes it ok right? Right??

  4. It's totally ok! I love these posts. :)

  5. Yup, it is okay!

    I don't even plan on teaching my kids another language. They do know some spanish. And probably a swear word in German which I should never say again but only do when some jerk cuts me off when I'm driving.


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