Monday, October 3, 2011

In Which I Try to Remember How to Be Grateful

how to be grateful

I really struggle with gratitude in general and how to be grateful in the face of what passes for adversity in my middle class world. Seriously. Sometimes I even struggle with questions like: What is gratitude? Why be thankful?

Part of it is that I have a tendency to always look on the dark side of life. The glass is half empty. There's always a storm lurking just over the horizon. I say I hope for the best, but I secretly expect the worst in all things. 

But really now, how to be grateful is not the problem - being grateful is where it starts and ends. 

Just making the choice to be thankful for the things I have instead of angry about the things I don't.

With that in mind, here are a few things I am grateful for right now and should make a better effort to be grateful for in the future:
  • I have a home and have equity in that home. My family can afford this home. It might not be the biggest or the nicest or the chic-est, but it's ours and the utilities are pretty reasonable for this area of the country.
  • My job is actually pretty good. Not in terms of pay, but in terms of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, opportunities to learn, and its proximity to my house and the Babby's daycare situation.
  • The Babby still has almost zero interest in what is on counters and desks and side tables. That means no glasses or books or objets d'art get pulled onto the floor and things like cooking can usually happen without extra hands making extra work.
  • The Babby's substantial vocabulary and full sentences mean it's more often than not clear what it is she wants from us. (Not that it makes a difference when it's something we don't want to give her, but still...)
  • My car is only a few years old and we are SO close to paying it off!
  • I have my health, my family is healthy, and we have insurance that would cover any episodes of ill health. In other words, unlike many Americans, getting sick would not bankrupt us.
  • When all else fails, I can make or decorate or at the very least re-arrange the furniture because I am comfortable doing creative and semi-creative things within my environment. I can also amuse myself for almost no money most of the time.
  • As persnickety as the Babby can be, I know that I have been blessed with a relatively easy child. And a very loving child, too. Her new stall tactic at bedtime is "I want another hug and kiss from Mama!" I'll take it over a glass of water any day.
What are you feeling grateful for today?


  1. I tend to get cranky and forget to be thankful.

    I need to do better with that.

  2. Mostly lately I've been grateful for my amazing husband. He let me take off for 3 weeks, works hard to keep us in our nice house, and then comes home and does dishes and laundry and all that jazz. Sure he doesn't hardly ever sweep, or put his clean laundry away, or scrub toilets, but he works hard to take care of us. He hasn't complained a bit about our crazy new schedule, is appreciative of the one-on-one time with our lovely daughter (Which he helped make, and I'm blaming him for her brains, so more points to him for all that!). He's just pretty super.

    This reminds me of an email I got sent one time- something about being thankful for having dishes to wash, cause it means I ate food and have a home with a sink to wash them in, grateful for laundry cause it means I have clothes to wear, etc. But I guess I'm just one of those people to begin with. Tonight I was thankful for the nice sunset, and thankful that my amazing daughter pointed it out to me. I wonder why some people are more thankful than others? Hmmmmm...

  3. Thanks for this reminder to be thankful for the things I DO have. Also,thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I'm grateful for Saturday morning waffles and insane little boys who occasionally wear themselves ragged before 8pm...


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