Friday, October 28, 2011

Look, I'm Participating in the Vintage Halloween Hop

I found out about the Vintage Halloween Hop over at Planet Hausfrau, and was thinking all about how I had nothing to contribute. Until, that is, I remembered an old picture of me dressed - sort of - like She-Ra. 

The costume was your basic drug store get-up, with a plastic mask, belt, and sword. It was one step up from those weird 80s-era costumes with the thin brittle mask and the plastic smock thing. Remember those? Anyway, here's me at age six or so:

Vintage Halloween Hop

I kind of wish my mom was a little more style conscious at the time because, come on, a graphic sweatshirt as part of a costume? But that's okay, mom. I look like I was having fun!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

P.S. - I suppose you might be curious about what the Babby will be for Halloween. Looks like a pink leopard or a dinosaur. We'll see what she goes for on the big day.

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