Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Potty Training Problems: Leaving the House

potty training problems

I remember when our potty training problems began and ended with when to potty train. And then what kind of undies to buy was added to the list. Then we were figuring out the logistics of European travel with a toddler and shelved the idea.

When to potty train became let's delay potty training. That whole three day potty training thing? Great for some, not for us. As we anticipated, potty training has definitely been and remains a process.

Upon our resumption of potty training, things went great for a while. By a while, I mean a week. The Babby's enthusiasm for undies and sticker rewards had faded and using the potty was just another chore. Which is when the potty training issues began. 

Here's a short rundown of the potty training problems we've either dealt with or are still dealing with:
  • The Babby refuses to tell us when she has to urinate or poop.
  • The Babby refuses to tell us when she has wet or dirtied her undies.
  • The Babby, who typically has no issues using the potty, screams bloody murder when the potty timer goes off.
  • The Babby, who usually loves wearing undies, cries and cries until we put a diaper on her.
  • The Babby will absolutely, positively not poop on the potty and instead poops in her undies shortly after urinating in the potty.
  • The Babby will hold her poop until we put a diaper on her.
  • The Babby is utterly unenthusiastic about grownup toilets in the wider world.
The newest potty training problem on the list is the sudden realization I had today that maybe it would be better if we stayed close to home for a little while.

I had this realization at the big playground after it became clear that the Babby's undies were filled with a heapin' helping of poo.

Wrestling the Babby out of her soiled undies while she did a little dance that seemed designed for maximum feces distribution reinforced it.

So if you find yourself wondering in the next few weeks why our little family declines play dates and invitations to restaurants and won't go anywhere that's more than 40 minutes away round trip, now you know.

What potty training problems have you dealt with lately?


  1. It's the oven timer, except for making peeps. Just a reminder for all of us that it's time to use the loo.

  2. Oh gosh...thank God we're (mostly) potty-trained with Squeaker. There is the occasional accident. Poopy ones are the WORST.

  3. I have tried everything and had all the worst experiences you can imagine... with 2/4 kids. 2 were easy, 2 were (still are) a NIGHTMARE!!! If I could hire this job out, I would. Any sum.

  4. My unsolicited advice would be to give it up for at least a month, then try again. It may be that she's working on other developmental milestones and isn't up to this right now. (I can't remember when it was we finally got our kiddo potty trained -- somewhere between 2.5 and 3, and only after one of her teachers pretty much told me she was ready!)

  5. I can't get my daughter to sit on the potty to pee. She always wants to gets up. We have to bribe her with the IPad, but then she just sits and watches elmo on youtube and doesn't pee.


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