Monday, October 24, 2011

Will I Know My Great Grandchildren? My Wager Is No.

My mom had me when she was just shy of 20. My grandmother had her when she and my grandfather were in their early 20s. Which is why the Babby has gotten to know her great grandparents. They, in turn, are young at heart enough and physically healthy enough to have gotten to know her, too.

great grandchildren

Isn't that a lovely blessing? We treasure it!

Which is why I sometimes get a little pang in my heart thinking about the most-likely-fact that I won't know my great grandchildren and they won't know me. At least not in this existence, I suppose. Because I was 29 when I had the Babby, and it seems like having children in the latter half of one's twenties is a trend that will stick around. I do come from genetic stock that tends to live long rather than die young, so that's good. But I'll have to live to something like 90 to meet my great grandchildren. Which is a lot to ask of a physical body.

Better keep exercising and eating my fiber, I guess!

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  1. You can do it!!! My parents were 32 and 40 when they had me and my dad was the youngest of 9 children. As a result I never knew my great grandparents.

    I was also 32 when I had my duo so despite my good genetic stock (grandparents died in their 90s) the odds are not on my side either!

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!!

  2. I'm sure you'll still be around :)

    My Grandma is 90 and is still going strong.

  3. 5 of my 8 kid's great-grandparents are alive and four of those pretty active wtih them. They're all upper-80s and lower-90s now. I knew 7 of mine with my last one dying when I was already out of grad school at 105!


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