Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Did I End Up With So Much Jingle Bells in My Life?

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bah humbug

For someone who said she was swearing off of all holidays - especially Christmas - I sure have a lot of decorations up in my house. You can blame the Babby for that. 

And the BabbyDaddy, who has a real thing for Christmas.

I figure Martha-ing it up will at least give me that many more ways to take my mind off of things! So bring it on, cheerelves...


  1. Look how gently she is touching the tree. Unlike mine who rips off ornaments and tears down lights.

  2. The Babby has always been a... well, dainty baby and toddler. She's the one you can give a glass to or a little something breakable to and she's generally good about handling it, especially if she has been warned it's breakable. I figure that means my someday next one will be a real bruiser ;)

  3. My family totally had the same advent Christmas tree that you have displayed in this photo. So cute and the room looks beautiful and festive :)

  4. Sweet, really? In German, too? (At least on 24 and 25 on ours where there are words.) I got it when I lived in Berlin when I was in high school!


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