Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Babby's Story of Halloween Past and Present in Pictures

The Babby's personal story of Halloween is a short one and hasn't always been fun. Yesterday marked her third Halloween and her introduction to trick or treating. This year actually kind of felt like her first Halloween. Why? Re-read my first sentence.

Halloween one saw her dressed as a mama kangaroo - and she was little enough to not care that she was wearing something weird AND young enough to cope with being lined up on the couch with other strangely dressed babies. So far, so good.

story of halloween

Halloween two, on the other hand, came during her clingiest period. She ran around the neighborhood in her costume, but we got no group picture that year. Because she screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her in that year's costume lineup. *sad face* But she made a pretty cute pumpkin!

halloween present

(We didn't trick or treat those years because what does a baby need with candy, anyway?)

Halloween three, in this mama's opinion, was the best yet! We started a new tradition: biking into Salem, in costume, with friends. We went to a Halloween party. We got our group picture! And we gave trick or treating a try, making it almost all the way around the block.

There were no scares and no tears, and very little candy was actually eaten. Out of her whole haul, the Babby opened two fun size candy bars, took a tiny nibble, then said "Here, you eat it." Luckily, the BabbyDaddy was around to oblige. She also ate one and a half strawberry Tootsie Rolls before deciding she was done with candy. My hope is that out of sight will stay out of mind.

Oh, and the costumes!

halloween ideas

trick or treating

Note the TWO costumes. I was a slackermama and didn't have anything in particular planned, so our daycare provider was cool enough to lend us a pink panther costume. Boy, did we get a lot of mileage out of that! And then the Babby got it into her head that she wanted to be a fairy princess. Lucky for her, I'm crafty and I love glam, so we had crowns and bling aplenty, there was a princess dress handy, and I was able to whip up last minute wings and a sparkle wand. 
Best Halloween ever!


There's a part of me that's glad Halloween is over and that we're staying home for Thanksgiving. And not just for the obvious reasons. There is talk of layoffs at work, so the BabbyFamily is back on an austerity budget. That means making gifts for Christmas wherever possible - and I'm the number one Maker in the house. I'd like at least a small break before it's time to roll out the holiday production schedule!


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