Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chugging Right Along and Putting a Bird On It: A Homemade Christmas Gifts Update

Things are chugging along at the BabbyHaus where our homemade Christmas gifts are concerned. So much so that I'm seriously considering making the Babby a Christmas dress. Being busy has been mentally helpful, and a little work has come in so that's good, too.

Two nights ago, had you looked for me, you would have found me cutting out birds. (Last night, it was tea towels, but anyone can cut a rectangle.)

homemade christmas

I recently received two big boxes of fabric remnants via Freecycle (thanks!!). Many are large enough to piece into a little girl dress, hence my idea of taking a slightly snug dress and dismantling it for a pattern.

Then it popped into my head that I could also make monogrammed cloth napkins, too. Or hankies. I would just need to wash some of the remnants about a hundred times until they soften up a bit.  And maybe infused vodkas. 

FACT: I need to seriously stop looking at Pinterest for a few days so I stop coming up with new ideas.

Thanksgiving weekend looks like it will be a whirlwind of family fabric paint stencils and stamps. We even figured out a way for the Babby to participate fully - though I can't speak to how well her homemade Christmas gifts will turn out.

Then again, I can't speak to how well my own will turn out! I've taken up knitting again, just for the season. I do every few years and stick with it until I remember I find knitting really boring. Luckily, only one recipient on our gift lift is slated to receive a knitty gift. 

The BabbyDaddy is in charge of the food gift. Well, mostly in charge. I keep throwing suggestions at him. Sea salt caramels. Fudge with sea salt. Peanut butter fudge... with sea salt? Because I have sweet and fancy salty on the brain. Fact is, he can be a last minute sort of guy so I'm trying to get the food gift nailed down. I'm thinking about making mini cake balls for Christmas Eve. 

It all depends on how much I can get done before it's Christmas crunch time!

What are YOU making or planning to make this holiday season? Gift-wise or otherwise?


  1. Pinterest is both awesome and mesmerizing and able to suck up whole afternoons in a single bound!

  2. I can't make anything. I usually buy people chocolate.

  3. I banned myself from Pinterest because it gets me in trouble.

    I am hoping to win all the Christmas gifts I plan on giving this year. I have been entering giveaways like a woman possessed.

  4. Cad is making his own gifts to people this year, but since my family reads my clog I can't really brag about the cool stuff we are making together. We got bleeding tissue paper and are making votive holders for my mom and sister and for the guys we are making a trail mix and using old oatmeal and snack containers that we decorate to hold it. I am glad you are staying busy :)

  5. Erin: Mine do, too, I just am not being terribly specific about who is getting what and exactly what I'm making for the time being!

  6. I feel the same way about Pinterest... it's almost too much inspiration!

  7. You had me at "Put a bird on it." Visiting from SITS


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