Thursday, November 3, 2011

First World Parenting Problems: What to Do With a Toddler's Halloween Candy

what to do with toddlers halloween candy

Halloween is over, but the candy is still here. And plenty of it, too, since this was the Babby's first year of trick or treating. As I noted in my Halloween recap post, the Babby only ate a little bit of candy before getting bored with it and moving on to something else. I think the experience of Halloween was more important to her than the candy itself. 

Mostly because she hasn't had much experience with candy. It just hasn't come up!

One day when she happened to get a Kit Kat bar in a goodie bag, she said "Mama, can you open that... snack thing." No commercials and no seeing her mama and papa eating candy means she's pretty ignorant where chocolates and things are concerned. Don't get me wrong - the Babby loves sweets, it's just cake and cookies that come to mind rather than the Kit Kat.

Or as the BabbyDaddy put it: "I never thought about it, but we made our kid walk around the block and collect mysterious packages from strangers."

Which leaves us with a conundrum in the form of two small trick or treating buckets of fun size deliciousness that were shelved in the pantry after bedtime on the 31st. What, exactly, are we supposed to do with them? It's November 3rd, and the Babby hasn't mentioned or asked for candy. 

Since the novelty of Halloween for the Babby was more about walking around after dark, ringing doorbells, seeing costumes, and dressing like a fairy princess, I'm not sure she's actually aware of the candy that remains. She definitely knew there was food in the packages, but she definitely DIDN'T know quite what that food was. Something sweet, yes, but ultimately less intriguing than continuing to run willy-nilly through the house wearing wings.

Do I want to give the Babby her candy? Not particularly. But do I feel a little guilty about hiding it away with the intention of not giving it to her? Yup.

So what to do... what to do... What would YOU do?


  1. We've had Halloween candy for months. Several weeks would go by, then she would ask for a piece of Halloween candy. We ended up tossing some and keeping some. Ultimately, lots of candy bars got chopped up and added to Christmas cookies last year. so, That's my recommendation. Add it to cookies.

  2. Can you give it away at say Church or a work place environment? My dad used to do that every year simply because we'd have so much with three kids in the house. Plus we were picky so anything that ended up in the "no one wants" pile went to work!

  3. Trajan got two pieces on Halloween night and seems to have forgotten about it after. I have a coworker who does something cool with his four kids. He each night grabs a quarter or so of what is there and puts it in a bag and brings it to the office the next day. Candy is gone much faster, but kids feel more like THEY are working through it...

  4. I should definitely hide our candy- Em sees it occasionally (she's still a bit short to see up on the island well) and might ask for a piece. If it's an ok time, I say ok. If not I say "after dinner" or somesuch, but she usually forgets by then. I packed a tiny single kit-kat bar in one of her lunches for daycare, but they didn't give it to her. Really I should hide it from myself- I've eaten more of it than she has. From Easter candy, I put all the stuff we love in the freezer, for occasional treats, and sent the rest into work w/ Matt.

  5. We let Marlie eat three pieces of candy at the Halloween party at her daddy's office. Then we gifted the rest to another kid while she was off playing. We did not bring any home, that would be asking for trouble with a capital T. she has discovered sweets and will ask for cake, cookies, and ice cream eventhough we don't keep these treats in the house.

  6. You could bake the candy into cookies or the like. It's not necessarily a healthy alternative, but definitely something she'd recognize. And the stuff that doesn't go in cookies (sweet tarts, starbursts) could go with you to work. If I know anything about coworkers, they'll gobble up anything free!


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