Monday, November 21, 2011

Normal Everyday Toddler Teeth or Normal Everyday Preemie Teeth?

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toddler teeth

I'm going to guess that the Babby's daily dental care routine trumps yours. And if not yours, then your toddler's, for sure.

Nightly: WE brush her teeth. WE floss between each of her teeth. Then we apply some kind of prescription fluoride gel to the weak spots. No kidding.

Our house at around 7:30 p.m. is where you'll find the intersection between toddler teeth and preemie teeth.

Because, yes, I'm blaming prematurity for this one. I'd much rather do that than have to consider a future of expensive dental work for my little chick.

I kind of figure that if the state of toddler teeth in our house is due to prematurity, maybe the Babby's grownup teeth will be less fraught with issues and that future of expensive dental work won't come to pass.

At the same time, I'm grateful. Grateful that we haven't needed any fillings... because how would they even do that, anyway? Grateful that the Babby isn't afraid of the dentist and actually seems to have a good time at her appointments.

As long as the BabbyDaddy goes with her, that is. My own dental anxiety rubs off on her otherwise...

And speaking of, guess who has a dentist appointment today? Eek!

P.S. - Are YOU afraid of the dentist? Are your kids afraid? Do any of your wee ones have problematic toddler teeth?


  1. Look at her! So cool, calm and collected in the dental chair. I am obsessive about my teeth, always have been. I see the dentist twice a year and never had a cavity. Oral health runs in my family. I can't say the same about my husband's tooth history. His family has "soft teeth" whatever that means. I am now obsessed with my toddler's teeth so I took her to the dentist last month where she did awesome and she got a glowing report. I breathed a sigh of relief.

  2. Prematurity is the reason that I posted about taking my 10-month-old to the dentist. At an appointment of his big brother's while he was still in the NICU the dentist mentioned that preemies tend to have teeth issues, particularly with poor enamel and so we should bring him in early.

    I did get good news at that appointment. The dentist said that in his experience the impact is primarily just to the baby teeth and the adult teeth have pretty normal enamel as that doesn't typically happen until after birth.

  3. @Teresha I am pretty hardcore about dental health, and I've been blessed with good strong, teeth. However, my husband sounds a lot like your husband!

    @Wiley We took the Babby early, too. And her first appointment was all good, the issues only showed up later. Glad to hear it about the issues being mainly related to baby teeth. My baby teeth were actually kind of meh, but the grownup ones have been mostly a-ok!

  4. My kid's 2 1/2 and I haven't taken him to the dentist yet because he only RECENTLY allowed anyone other than me or my husband to touch his mouth/teeth without fighting. What could a dentist even do? Also, a lot of dentists in our area, even pediatric ones, don't want to see a toddler until they are 3 unless there's a problem. So we brush his teeth in the morning and at night, but we don't floss them... they seem widely enough spaced. Our water is flouridated so we don't do anything special with that.

    Our pediatrician looked into his mouth at a checkup a year or so ago and said "Uh oh" and I panicked because OH GOD DID SHE SEE A CAVITY. But then she commented on his crooked teeth and possible need for orthodontia. Yeah. My teeth are crooked (I had braces from 2nd grade through high school) and my husband had a year or two of braces as well. We basically were expecting it.

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    Hope you'll FB

  6. When my kids were little I loved the dentist because it meant time that I could sit and do nothing. No one asking anything of me.

    Now, it's just another thing to check off the list. No fear, though. I've always had great dentists.

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it's a great day for you.

  7. Happy SITS day! Awesome blog and what a cute daughter. When I have a little one, I hope that he or she is as well behaved at the dentist as yours his. Well done!


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