Monday, November 7, 2011

Seeking Thanksgiving Recipes, Basically Begrudgingly

Jeeps, is it November already? I guess it is. Yes, Halloween should probably have clued me in to the arrival of a new month. But it was actually people on Facebook starting to put up their month of gratitude posts.Want to know what I'm most grateful for?

Exhibit A:

thanksgiving recipes

Exhibit B:

thanksgiving recipes

Here's a not-so-secret I'm kind of bored with Thanksgiving. Not now, in particular, just always. The food has never wowed me. And it seems like a lot of prep for fifteen minutes of rapid fire eating and ages of cleanup. Don't get me wrong - I like gratitude. I love gratitude! Stuffing myself silly just isn't my preferred way to show it.

You may remember that I'm trying to bow out of holidays this year. Well, good luck with that, future me. My husband is not going to agree to not have Thanksgiving (and there's already talk of who's doing what for Christmas).

And even though I'll leave the cooking up to him, choosing the Thanksgiving recipes is usually up to me.

One thought that struck me was that we could try cooking some of the things that were eaten on the first Thanksgiving, whenever that actually was. Indian pudding seems to be the popular, although unlikely choice. Kind of hard to make baked sweets when you're out of sugar and have no ovens! Plus, mushy cornmeal actually sounds kind of icky.

What are YOUR Thanksgiving recipe plans this year?


  1. I'm kind of a sucker for cranberry sauce (relish, whatever you want to call it) made from real cranberries with oranges and YUM. The recipe is always on the back of a package of cranberries. It's super easy and never lasts.

    Seriously, if you guys ever want a pre-thanksgiving trip we have our Pre-Thanksgiving potlatch the sunday before the day to get together with friends and practice recipes out. You are welcome to come, we do have a guest room.

  2. I adore my grandma's cranberry filled jello. It's amazing. Lots of fruit. Can't beat it.

    This year, I'll also be whipping up some Hawaiian rolls that my friend made a couple weeks ago. They are delish.

  3. I vote for going back to canceling all holidays until further notice ;-).

  4. @Audrey We make our own, too! Same recipe, I'd wager :) Ohio is kind of a haul - this year would be so sweet, but I have no time off left and Tedd's work is cruch time-o-riffic, boo.

    @Courtney Hawaiian rolls? TELL ME MORE!

    @Wiley I tried, I really did. No one is letting me!

  5. I was just at Trader Joe's. I got a flyer from them with all their great boxed ideas, and they even have a Tofurkey. "and stuffed with a savory mixture of wild rice and whole wheat bread crumbs. Accompanied by a "giblet" gravy, each 40 oz 100% vegan roast is $9.99"

    If that helps. :)


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