Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick at Home Is the Best Kind of Sick

I'm a bit sick. Have been for a while, actually. A cold that won't quit. Nothing major, just still kind of irritating because mamas don't get sick days. (Freelancers don't get sick time, either.)

BUT I am working from home today.

I get to listen to the quiet and to gentle classical music. I get to make my own tea in pots and drink from my own mugs. I can step outside into the fresh, leaf-scented crisp air of my own backyard whenever I feel like it. Maybe toss in a load of laundry between to-dos.

Yours truly can also cough without worrying I'm bothering anyone and use hankies instead of tissues. The thermostat is mine to control. I did not have to apply eyeliner to my bleary, stingy eyes or change out of my sweats to make a point.

The BabbyDaddy was even here this morning to take the Babby to daycare so I could sleep an extra half hour. If I can't feel good, I can at least feel well-rested.

And grateful that I am in my home today - thank you, bossman - where I don't have to play at being a professional because I can just be me.

P.S. - Last night I made roasted carrot soup using a whole lot of home grown carrots given to me by a very dear friend. I guess it looks kind of gross, but it was just what this sick chick needed. Even if my stuffy nose meant I didn't exactly enjoy the full roasted carrot experience. What did YOU have for dinner last night?

roasted carrot soup


  1. I am experimenting with sandwiches stuffed before baking. I think eggplant would be a good stuffing. I'm using challah dough and finding it very easy to handle. I'll post the recipe soon.

  2. Aw, I hope you're feeling better by now! Being sick is no fun. But you're right...if you're going to be sick, it's best to do so at home!
    Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day a few days ago. I'm following you now via GFC. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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