Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toddler Fun, Shorter Days, Sleeping Habits, and the Mama-Hold-Me's

Oh, shorter days, how I loathe you. (And the time change, which can play tricks with a toddlers sleeping habits.) I know so many people who celebrate the coming of autumn and love how it drifts softly into winter, but I mourn for every minute of daylight lost. Even now, at the beginning of November, a post-work trip to the playground feels abbreviated. Because it is.

sleeping habits

The Babby hasn't yet learned to appreciate the cold weather indoor pleasures we adults take for granted. Hot chocolate, for instance. Crafts. Conversation. Too many evening activities require more attention span than she has available at this stage in life. She wants to be out and often, so do I. But out in the light. Forays into the wide world after dark usually end quickly in plaintive mama-hold-me's. 

And I'm only too happy to comply, but still...
How do you keep your toddler entertained through the winter?


  1. She doesn't like hot chocolate?!? WOoden blocks are always a good go to around our house.

  2. I'm as shocked as you! We've offered it a few times and she'll take a sip but she usually seems kind of confused and appalled by it.

  3. I haven't tried yet....maybe lots of coloring books?


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