Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're Having a Handmade Christmas Here

As much as I said I had no intention of participating in the holidays this year, family peer pressure has a way of making holiday participation mandatory. Not that anyone has pressured me exactly, but everyone acts as if I will be taking part in any and all celebrations. At that point, it gets a little harder to say poo poo to the holidays.

Particularly when you're talking to enthusiastic grandparents. Especially then.

Plus there's the fact that immersing myself in organizational tasks takes my mind off of, well, everything. The fact that I still have ages to go until I can wash myself in the balm of Valentine's Day. The fact that the holiday gift recipients in my life all have enough money to go buy their own fancy things. Then add to that the fact that we're not exactly the Rockefellers, and you have the perfect recipe for a handmade Christmas.

So what am I up to at the mo'? I'm currently in the process of mapping out our handmade Christmas.

I have a list of definite recipients and a list of potential gift items. Now all that remains is assigning gifts to recipients, making a shopping list for the supplies we don't have on hand (fabric paints come to mind), and going on a very minor buying spree for "ingredients" that will hopefully take me beyond Christmas where crafts are concerned.

Then, of course, comes the making of things. Most of which will fall to yours truly.

Except for when it comes to what's already sitting around, waiting to be wrapped. I don't know if it's terrible and tacky or if it just is, but some of the people on our handmade Christmas list will definitely be receiving things created some time ago. Like one of these, for instance:

handmade christmas

Why am I blathering on about this now, before the Thanksgiving Tofurky has been consumed? Well, because I'm hoping that sharing our family's plan of having an entirely homemade Christmas where our gifts for others are concerned will motivate me to start soonish and finish up earlyish. 

Also, I wanted to prepare you for a possible deluge of crafty posts. Which aren't usually my scene, but whatevs.

About that... since the plan actually is to talk all about our handmade Christmas attempt right here, it may come to pass that gift recipients on our list will see things they may or may not eventually receive. Too bad! (Said with no malice whatsoever.) This is my little corner of the Internet to do with as I like. You can always tune out until 2012.

But enough about that. 

Can you recommend your go-to handmade Christmas gift ideas? I'm talking about no-nonsense crafty gifts that people actually like receiving!


  1. I wish I had your backbone-- I always start so strong with the idea of not giving that many gifts away and not being sucked into the large vacuous hole of expectation that Christmas has seemingly become and then... somewhere along the line I get swept out with the tide. We have a plan this year, but we'll see how long we can stick to it

  2. We're going to try to give everyone more than just one thing, but who knows if we'll succeed. I'm actually feeling more committed now because I'm excited to see if I can get through Christmas only having spent $94!

  3. We are doing handmade Christmas gifts with my family. My MIL has a chocolate tempering machine (which really makes it easier to get the chocolate to set) and so we are making hand-dipped chocolates to give out. I also did cookie tins last year. Simple... even my 90 year old grandma loved the gift last year. They had to hide her cookies from her so they would last her more than an hour. LOL! -Caren with a "C"

  4. A machine? Who knew! We may make chocolates, as well, but I never worry about the bloom or whatever it's called. If people are too busy looking at them to eat them, they can just put them in my mouth instead :)

  5. I was born without the craft gene, so I'm afraid I'm not much help. I have made fudge as gifts before, but the price of chocolate makes that no longer a really inexpensive gift! good luck. I just stopped by from SITS and hope you will do the same.

  6. I always swear that I am going handmade for the holiday gifts and then chicken out. One year I bought all these supplies (mini scrapbooks for the grandparents that are still blank, beads and findings for jewelry-making that never got made, tins that sit empty for cookies that never got baked) get the picture. I have no suggestions for you but good luck!

  7. I am looking forward to seeing what gets made and maybe getting some ideas! So far, I made/plan to make: Necklace and earring sets, decoupage frames with family pictures, fudge, rice sacks (heating pads), and bags made from placemats (although I haven't figured out what to do about the handles yet). I may also make some lip gloss because I have some great containers for it.


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