Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Travel Leads to...

christmas travel

...Christmas play! Truth be told, putting icing and sprinkles on all those Christmas cookies didn't take that long, which meant there was free time on our wee Christmas break for relaxation and playtime. 

I spent a (not) surprising amount of time reading and exercising - my two favorite things, I think. The BabbyDaddy spent a lot of time tasting various beers (leading to just a touch of Christmasy mawkishness that was maudlin yet apropos for the season) and playing with the Babby.

The Babby spent a lot of time freezing her tush off out of doors, at the park and then "fishing" for my grandparents' poor goldfish. And opening presents and playing with presents and reading new books and old books and staying up far too late. I think she was finally asleep by 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve, which is probably the latest clock hour she's ever seen.

And yet, she didn't sleep in. Not even a little. 

Which is how you end up with this sort of thing (and then a delayed dinner because no one wants to wake the Babby who is sacked out on her papa):

christmas travel


  1. Sounds wonderful! Love that above shot of the couch. I have been exercising and reading too (well, since the crazy family left). It is wonderful!

  2. Now if I could only score myself a cheap elliptical for the basement, I'd be a happy BabbyMama!


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