Thursday, December 29, 2011

The BabbyMama Buys: Trying Out the HeadCoolie

So I got a migraine today. Bad news, right? Not exactly. Well, bad because it's a migraine, but at least timely since a guy I work with had given me a HeadCoolie to review. And there I was, inconveniently just not getting headaches! But now here I sit, pain fully established right there between the eyes so I can finally write my review.

Now I know that icey cold goodness isn't what everyone will turn to when seeking help for migraines. Some people actually like heat *shudder*.

But this migraine sufferer? I like dark, quiet, drugs, and COLD. So much so that I have a freezer full of various ice pack type things meant to serve as migraine relief when drugs are unavailable or drugs need help. Unfortunately, most of the ice packs I have are either meant for things like thighs and so flat or multipurpose and so bulky. Picture wrapping a jumbo bag of frozen peas around your head with a winter scarf and you get the picture.

Not so the HeadCoolie. Check it:

help for migraines

I am like Flashdance chic in this thing, if Flashdance were an interpretive performance piece about having one's head feel like it is being cracked open from the inside by mallet-wielding gnomes. (Aargh.) Not that looking good is something I care about when I need migraine help. What I like is the fact that the HeadCoolie is scaled to a normal human head, which means that I can sit at the computer and write this with it on instead of being confined to bed lest the icey goodness shift out of place leaving me undefended from the pain.

Here's what the HeadCoolie website has to say:
HeadCoolie™ wraps comfortably to your head and provides a soothing, consistent pressure that gently cools and compresses blood vessels to help relieve the discomfort and pain of fevers and headaches, including migraines.
So it does. And here is another picture of me wearing it:

migraine help

The verdict? I like it. The fact that it's not just another huge bulky ice pack is a plus. The fact that it could be adjusted to fit my daughter is also a plus. (I may be wearing the kid size right now, but I'm not sure.) This is a migraine remedy that could come with me to work and not look entirely ridiculous - though I'd still look a little ridiculous since pink headbands are not my usual look. All in all, for $20 I would definitely invest in a HeadCoolie if I didn't already have one since I am always looking for new ways to nip migraines in the bud. The only con, and this is just my opinion, is that the ice pack that fits inside the HeadCoolie didn't stay cold as long as the big ice packs. That's just science, folks. Luckily, the reusable ice packs come in packages of three, so it's no biggie to swap them out when they warm up.

Want one? You can get it here. Tell them the BabbyMama sent you!


  1. You look ready to film a Jane Fonda work out. hee. My hubby wears by a glass of water mixed with ACV for his migraines.


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