Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Homemade Holiday Update

Leave it to work to blow up in December, when I'm trying to make homemade holiday presents and decorate the house and sew a Christmas dress for the Babby. I don't even have the pieces cut yet - so do me a favor and don't ask about it!

But progress is being made, slowly but surely. Tonight, after going out to celebrate a lovely friend's birthday, I sewed what I think will be all the Mister Bluebirds (from a pattern found at Spool Sewing) I need to make the presents that involve Mister Bluebird. Who in my case is everything but blue. Oh, they're not done, though. Their little tails still need to be sewn shut. 

It's like every checked off to-do just leads to another to-do!

It's been that kind of weekend - a working weekend. Good because I earned money. Even a big stack of cash money that went right into the bank. Lame, too, because I didn't get to spend much time either with my family or busting out homemade holiday crafts. 21 days until Christmas says the sign on the local Christmas house. Ack! Don't remind me!

Not much I can do to avoid it, though... check out my living room! (I'm considering sewing a Christmas bunting we could trot out in future years. I <3 bunting.) If you can't beat it, join it... right?

DIY christmas decorations

P.S. - If you could choose: salted caramels, cocoa rolled truffles, or mini cake balls?

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