Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Homemade Christmas Gifts Take a Back Seat to Life

The lead up to Christmas? Intense. I'm not surprised, exactly, but I didn't foresee how much work would suddenly come my way, including amazing freelance work I had to turn down because there was no way to square it with my office job. And so my homemade Christmas gifts have been sitting, waiting for my attention. A few things have gotten done, as in all the way done.

A lot of other things still need to get finished up in, oh, a week and a half. Eep!

(Good thing I work well under pressure, since that's how I'm working at the moment.)

Things just need to stop happening. I told my coworker this morning that I'd like a half hour each day where time doesn't actually move forward so I could fit a little more in. Then the cat getting bitten wouldn't have been such a big deal and the Babby having some bedtime issues wouldn't get in the way and more of my Christmas decorations would be done.

I'm actually surrounded by half-done tasks, and that drives me nuts. Do I check them off my to-do list when I know I'm just going to have to put them back on again? 

At least I had a little fun courtesy of my lovely mom and her late-ish birthday gift of a hefty gift card, which let me go on a virtual shopping spree. For those wondering, yes, I spent it on myself - which is precisely why she sent a gift card. If you give me cash, you can be pretty sure I will apply it directly to bills.

January? ... Well, since I can't sleep through it, maybe I can coast through it. Hopefully it will be as oddly warm as December has been around here.


  1. I know ... I've been the same way about homemade gifts. I was completely stressed over my Sekret Exchange gift ... isn't that bizarre? Hang in there ...

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! True story: I haven't even started my Sekrit Exchange gift yet, eep :/

  3. Shhhh.... THis post almost got me out of my Christmas denial!

  4. I didn't even bother thinking about trying to handmade anything for Christmas this year because I just don't have the time. It makes me sad though.

    I always prefer gift cards over cash because if I spend all the cash on myself and not bills etc, I feel guilty. Sad but true.

  5. I'm claiming pregnancy fatigue this Christmas if anyone asks about gifts

  6. Breathe....You'll get it all done. ;)

  7. I want that half hour of stopped time each day too! Except, really I'm greedy and want a full hour. But the important things always get done. And if homemade gifts don't get done, just save 'em for Valentines day ;)

  8. That would work, Tricia, if I had anything other than homemade gifts to give!

  9. I hate half-done items and not being able to cross things off my list. Good luck slowing down time.


  10. Never mind half an hour -I'd like to be able to freeze time at will for as long as necessary! Good luck with getting everything finished.


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