Friday, February 24, 2012

Chaos Means LIFE Is Happening

This past summer, a friend said to me how refreshing it was to see pictures of toys strewn about the living room in one of my blog posts. I had to ask myself: Am I really so uptight? I'll admit that I don't always feel free and easy about sharing photographs of my home. I'm self conscious about my house the way only someone with a tiny house can be. 

The same way I'm self conscious about myself in pictures in the way only someone who's not photogenic can be.


Today I was just plain inspired by this post. Inspired to stop caring so hard about *image*. Inspired to stop worrying about whether anyone will actually show up to P.'s birthday party (since I made the mistake of not asking for RSVPs, oops). Whether they'll be scrutinizing the floors. Family will be there. Best friends will be there. Everything else? Is just icing on an already sweet cake, so there.

And recently, the P. was having so much fun building laundry castles (piles) for her fairies (Disney princess toothbrushes)...

And the BabbyDaddy was having fun around her with the toy accordion that I started taking pictures...

In them, there are jackets that need to be hung in the coat closet and boxes of books packed for donation.

The clean laundry is everywhere. And there are toys of every possible description in every corner of the room.

Such is life, right? It was a happy day and a fun day, but not a particularly neat day. Chaos only happens when life is happening, and I want life to keep happening to me for as long as possible.

Note: Longtime readers of I Know How Is Babby Formed might notice a slight change in naming conventions around these parts. For a while now, it's been on my mind that the Babby isn't so much of a babby anymore. When I first started this blog, she went by her real name. Then she became the Babby because everyone else was using nicknames. But at home? We call her P. and from now on, that's what I'm going to call her here... I'm just too busy to have to keep all these names straight!


  1. The pictures are great, but the last? What a beautiful young lady. Love it!

  2. You're kidding about the "someone who's not photogenic" part, right??!? :p

    It's hard for me to remember, too. Easy to get caught up in menial little chores and not enjoy the moments. Still working on that reprioritization. (Is that a word?)

    See you tomorrow! :)

  3. This is happiness ... every chaotic picture exudes joy. :)

  4. You look happy. You sound happy. To france with neatness. Hope the party goes well. Have fun, and smile a lot. :-)

  5. This post is great... inspiring! Maybe I'll take some REAL DEAL pictures tomorrow... Saturday is an ORDEAL in this house that I've never documented :)

  6. Fabulous! My mama always said a house with a little mess here and there means memories are being created. I concur. thanks for sharing.

  7. love it! don't worry, be happy!
    P is such a stunner like her mama!

  8. So true! I confess that I prefer to have things neat and tidy. But one day as I was looking at the growing pile in my inbox, I realized that the only time that my inbox will ever be completely empty and organized will be when I'm dead. So I've learned to live with it.

    Glad you had fun despite any mess!Thanks for dropping my blog! : )

  9. I generally just try to contain the messiness to one room (doesn't always work and I don't always care). I've stopped freaking out about it too and it makes us ALL happier :)

  10. got me at this post!!! I have five boys and a perpetually chaotic house!!!


    Dear Life From a Mom of boys


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