Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Fun Friday - a New Birthday Tradition?

Here in the U.S., this past weekend was a three day weekend for some. For us, it was a four day weekend... or for me, a 2.5 day weekend - which is a day and a half more than I usually get. So I thought about doing a recap post, but our out-and-about schedule means that most of the pictures I took this weekend are still on my camera. Only Friday's snaps were moved to the computer and then moved to Flickr.

What did we do Friday? It was the official day for celebrating the Babby's birthday, family style! (Because Valentine's Day means parties. And it also the day of her three-year pediatrician appointment, but let's just forget about that...) 

Last I updated, we had already stopped at the railcar diner for Micky Maus pancakes and were poised to visit the bake shop for pastries! And we did!

It was warm enough to walk. Well, the BabbyDaddy and I walked. Is it weird that at three years old, the Babby is still riding in the Quinny Zapp? 

My guess is it's only weird for people who have never tried to walk farther than a block with someone in this age group.

The Babby picked out three pastries in honor of her being three - or free, as she puts it. The chocolate hedgehog and the two little things that look a little bit like cartoon boobs (raspberry mousse in white chocolate cups) are hers.

The BabbyDaddy got some kind of chocolate mousse confection. The fruit tart was mine, all mine.

All in all, it took her about 2 hours to eat that whole hedgehog.

After the bakery, we visited the Common and the gazebo, which has a biggish hole in the floor at the moment. The Babby climbed a few mini mountains with her papa, while I turned my back so as not to have a heart attack. Fun for them, and I tolerate it. 

And that was Friday afternoon. It was fairly dark before we got home, and still not chilly enough to require mittens.

Best winter ever!

P.S. - Stay tuned for the winner of the Flanabags giveaway!


  1. I'm really impressed she will ride! Work it!

    1. I'm lucky in that she's always been a fan of the stroller - never had a fit in the one some kids do!

  2. Walking anywhere in public with my 3-year old is so horrible! I use the stroller as often as I can.

  3. I still use the stroller as often as possible, partly because it makes things easier, and partly because of the investment and I want to use it! I really like the idea of having a nice little family only tradition, the pictures are, of course, beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I feel like having a family tradition for the Babby's birthday is especially important since her birthday falls on Valentine's Day so people (boys, maybe girls, who knows) are going to try to make Vaslentine's Day gifts into double duty birthday gifts.

  4. I want to be "free" again! It looks like so much fun, especially being pushed around in a stroller.


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