Friday, February 17, 2012

Look How Far We've Come!

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The BabbyDaddy and I both took off work today. Our plan was to use this day to celebrate the Babby's birthday. On her actual birthday, there was a party at daycare, and we didn't want her to miss it. But she also had a pediatrician appointment today and a little cold, so brunch at a railcar diner was all the celebrating we could muster pre-naptime.

The afternoon plan - for this amazingly warm and sunny day - is to head over to the European bakery to let the Babby choose three tiny pastries for three wonderful years.

As for the pediatrician appointment, all was well except for the Babby refusing to stand on the big kid scale which meant she had to be stretched out on the baby scale. Luckily, she weighs in at only 26.5 pounds (12th percentile) and so didn't break the thing. She's also, for the curious, one half inch shy of three feet tall (26th percentile).

What went surprisingly well was the blood draw and shot! During the shot, the nurse kept talking to the Babby about ice cream - and there was this bug eyed dog thing. The nurse said "Look at my dog's eyes!" and then started them bouncing. Odd, but it worked, making me so glad they are giving her shots in the arm versus the leg. It means I'm only holding down one arm, not a whole kid.

For the blood draw, they played the usual game... here's the bird, here's the butterfly, here's the bee (*sting), look the butterfly is sipping, and the bird is drinking, drinking, drinking. The Babby actually cracked a smile while the "bird" drank her blood. For that, she got to choose a sticker from the sticker box.

And guess what! I was such a good mama that I got a sticker, too. 

For us, it feels like the weekend has already started, so I guess I'll say Happy Weekend! Do you have any awesome plans?


  1. My little girl just turned 3 on Jan 17th, so I'm right there with you. Have you started potty training yet?

  2. Kind of... She's mostly dry and trained at daycare, but at home she's fairly resistant. We got recommendations for techniques from the pediatrician's office today, so we're going to try those, Basically, letting her take ownership. She wets, she gets to change her own undies and pants. We'll see how that goes!

    How about you?

  3. 3 already! Happy Birthday Babby! I so enjoyed watching you grow on this blog. Keep kicking butt and taking names! :-)


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