Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mama Did a Bad Bad Thing

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I feel like an utter cad. The meanest mama around. Not quite Satan incarnate, but close.

What did I do?
I got rid of a doll. This doll:

That's Baby Judy, a few years back. Baby Judy looks nice in that picture, but fact is, she was old.

Her eyebrows had been ripped off. Her matted hair wig had been glued back on. She had pen on her face. Her clothes were long since gone. She was possibly secondhand, but probably thirdhand.

The reason that this post is under a cut is because I'm afraid the Babby will see it.

And then we'll have to go on another fruitless search for poor Baby Judy.

Now, Baby Judy had been living in the basement and then the attic for, oh, about six months. In that time, the Babby has received numerous baby dolls as gifts. 

Baby Judy? Hasn't come up once.

Until today, when something reminded the Babby of Baby Judy and she asked me to find her. *face palm*

It was only a week ago that Baby Judy "moved out." Had this come up a week earlier, it wouldn't have been a problem.

But today, I actually cried my eyes out - in private, of course - more than once. 

Because more than once is how many times she said things like "Papa, you're such a good finder... can you find Baby Judy?" and "That's Baby Judy's stroller!"



  1. The things kids get attached to can be totally hilarious. Sorry you've had a rough day. I hope thoughts of Baby Judy fade quickly for everyone involved.

  2. You are NOT a bad mom! That picture of the doll actually kind of creeps me out. I like small, non-creepy dolls. I would have gotten rid of it too. I've thrown away more than one Dora doll in this house because they creep me out. I don't blame you. It is sad when the kid asks for it. I always blame the dog. He's an awesome scape goat.

  3. Oh how sad. I've done this too. I imagine she'll be over it before you know it.

  4. The great part about three year olds is they kinda believe everything. I'd be like "oh, she had to go live with another little girl who needed one doll and didn't have any." Or you can just wait it out and stall. YEAH GREAT PARENTING ADVICE.

    I mean, Nathan knows our dog Bob died last year. He is sad about it. But he's not broken up about it, he's sorta resilient and moved on. I wouldn't beat yourself up too much just for pitching the doll. She'll get over it.

  5. I agree that she will be over it soon, probably before you will be. Maybe if she presses you can tell her that she had to move on, in whatever way you deem acceptable. A few times we have told Cad that older toys had to be recycled (he thinks recycling is awesome) and the problem was solved.
    Also, you are not an utter cad, but when I read that I though of Cad in a cow suit with udders :)

  6. This too shall pass along with:
    pink kitty
    arthur & his friends

    and it's always right when you swear they'd never touch them again!

  7. I agree with Courtney. This too shall pass. When she brings a boyfriend home in a few year, you can get sweet and amusing revenge by re-telling this story. It is cute and you are not a bad mum. Just a practical one.


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