Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally, a Third Birthday Party Recap in Three Parts

third birthday party ideas

The Good:
  • In the end, all but two families made it, so I had nothing to worry about after all!
  • The three-layer cake, which was non-vegan but had vegan frosting, turned out really yummy. At the last minute, I was worried it didn't have a lot of flavor, so I added raspberry jam to each layer. Oh my!
  • There was so much vegan frosting left over that we made whoopie pies later in the week. And plenty of leftover food so we didn't have to cook for a few days.
  • Someone actually played our piano! (It seriously needs some love. Feel free to come over and bang out a tune since I haven't had time to even start lessons.)
  • Everyone had fun! Nothing got broken! We didn't run out of anything and no one got hurt. Whew.
pink and orange party ideas

The Bad:
  • It took P. ages to warm up to the idea of a party. Much of the credit has to go to Rebecca who made P. smile when I was starting to doubt whether she'd have any fun at all.
  • My mom, her wife, and my grandparents didn't arrive until 45 minutes before the end of the party. But at least they arrived, right?
  • Frosting - or something - got ground into the couch. Whoops! I am trying to think of it as collateral damage.
toddler birthday party ideas

The Funny:
  • Um, our porch fence fell over! There was so much wind that the balloons popped themselves on our lilac bush and the garbage cans nearly blew away. It was a mad day!
  • P. was alternately excited that everyone was singing Happy Birthday and embarrassed that all eyes were on her. In the video, she smiles, then hides her face. Smiles, then hides her face.
  • A random three year old style mood struck, and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. Until, that is, we saw P. couldn't keep her eyes of the presents. So we let her open some and she was happy again.
  • The wee ones wondering why it wasn't their birthday party and refusing to sing to P. All you can do is laugh! 
P.S. - My friend Erin is hosting a great giveaway - go check it out!

P.P.S. - It's, er, slushing here. The P. has been begging for snow... and this is what we get? She had fun playing hide and seek with me in the squishie snowy yard this morning, though!

P.P.P.S. - I totally wish I had a big bunch of sunflowers in a vase in my kitchen but I don't. Boo. I guess I'm feeling like I need a touch of spring, so today I'm wearing these shoes! Aren't they neat? (I wore snowboots for the commute, obviously.)


  1. Aw, it looks like you had fun. Good call on the raspberry layer to the cake :) Always a winner!

  2. Yikes! Your porch fence fell off during the party? That's never any fun, is it? ;)

    1. Nooooope! BUT the BabbyDaddy was smart enough not to tell me about the fence until AFTER the party. So I had fun!

  3. You never have a dull moment! Send me a whoopie pie!

  4. Thanks for the shout out!
    I am looking forward to planning Cad's 3rd b-day party. We are going back and forth between family only and family with a few friends. I guess we shall see.

    1. Every year, P.'s birthdays are crazy. Our house is small, and we invite too many people. This year our plan was some family and a few friends. It blew up from there, but happily so. I like a packed house!


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