Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Impromptu February Picnic

NOTE: This was written some time around February 23 when the weather was indistinguishable from springtime. It feels odd to post it when the ground outside is soupy with slush, but maybe that makes the look back even prettier!

On Tuesday evening, I was informed that daycare would be unexpected closed the next day. Working from home with a toddler? I was working at home with a baby, then an infant, then a young toddler, so zawwwwwwwww (as my baby bro would say). Impromptu mother-daughter day? I got this!

It turned out to be an unexpectedly warm, bright day. I'm talking no jackets, no sweatshirts even, in the middle of February. North of Boston. This is, without question, my second favorite winter ever. My first favorite, naturally, being the winter P. was born.

winter picnic

The plan was originally to go out to eat at the local greasy spoon - where they even call you hon - because we were both feeling not quite deathly ill, but crummy enough to make the prospect of actually cooking lunch less than appealing.

But when I asked the P. if she wanted to go to a restaurant, her answer was a resounding no. And then:

"I want to eat outside. I want to have a picnic with you, mama!"

working from home with kids

How could I refuse? P. managed to drag a blanket from her bed most of the way toward the door, and I did the rest. Some French bread, some cheese. Some gigantic strawberries and an organic squeeze pouch whose brand I can't recall. A tiny cup of Goldfish.

I spread out the blanket and then spread out on the blanket. P. ate, then got up and ran, then ate a little more. Repeat until she asked me to get her umbrella, and then I was recruited to hold the umbrella and play along.

It was beautiful in the sunshine, and it all reminded me of the spring days we'd spend hours outside once upon a time. Our impromptu picnic was a like a gift. An outside no-jacket picnic in February? An amazingly warm, sunshiny day coinciding with a daycare closure? And then the best little girl in the world has the best idea of the week?

I'll take it!

*Family things. Homey things. Things that don't excite, but do warm the heart.


  1. Not only is she cute but she is smart and perhaps also very cost-minded. Picnic saves money and picnic is just so much for fun. Glad it was such a great mama-P day!

  2. I LOVE impromptu days...and warm days that should be cold. Stuff memories are made of!

  3. I love it :)

    And I love the new look on the blog! Ya'll are so cute :)


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