Monday, March 19, 2012

When Sunday Is Almost Monday, This Becomes My Vintage Tuesday

Beautiful day today. Another one. I am at home, being serenaded by birdsong through my open door.

Saturday was beautiful, too, and we walked and walked and walked. And dug for worms. P. organized and held a worm race that mostly involved my finding worms - luckily, we have plenty - and her covering them with dirt. I never did figure out where the racing part came into the picture.

As usual, I missed most of my beautiful Sunday because I was crammed into my nook, working away the hours. This week has been all about playing catch up after missing three days for Uncle Greg's funeral. I'm glad I missed those days of work! But the aftermath was a week of fitting things in and doing double duty. I run a tight ship when it comes to my freelance schedule and hope nothing disrupts my weekends for a while.

I actually finished my day sooner than I thought it would, though. These pictures were taken on Sunday. After we met a real live pig and looked at tiny baby bunnies. I think I got two border bricks dug in before P. asked to go walking. Again. And yes, we managed to walk away without taking a bunny home with us.

In case you're wondering what I'm thinking about right now, in this very Monday-ish moment... apparently, my preferred bra does not come in the next size up. It's not out of stock - they just don't make it. I guess that can only mean one thing. My boobs do not exist. Apparently, they have not gotten they message, because I'm looking down and they're still right here.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?


  1. Playing catch up is always difficult!

    Looks like you had a great time outside. Worms can bring endless fun.

    Sorry about the bra fiasco. Write an email ASAP.:)

  2. Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods! I look forward to all the outdoorsy pics :-)


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