Monday, April 16, 2012

P. and Her First Mamaless Outing

I don't know how well y'all kept up with your kids' baby books, but other than not gluing recent photographs in and the third birthday page still being empty, we've done a pretty solid job with P.'s. If you haven't, no worries. It's not for everyone - and it's definitely a first baby phenomenon. Today, I got to fill in another section of our book for P.

Specifically the part about real outings without mama and papa.

Right now, I'm home working.

P.? She's at the beach with a friend (and said friend's mom, obviously).

Unlike some Mass. residents, neither I nor the BabbyDaddy get Patriot's Day off, and daycare was closed today. We were dealing with the usual work-childcare issues - including some poop that accidentally got on the floor after a successful potty trip - when a beach invitation came in. Whew. So now I'm focused and hopefully, P. is getting wicked sandy.

My only regret? That I'm not at the beach, too! *I may have sniffled a little about it, even* 

How old were your kids before you sent them off for a day of fun with someone else's parents?


  1. um, no one's actually offered to take the LJ for a day that I know of... any takers? anyone? Yeah, ours are a little raucous to sic them on anyone yet :)

  2. Um, Mr. knight of the square table- our neighbor and great friend actually took LJ to a museum and mall tots right after we had our second baby so I think that counts...He was two at the time.

  3. She looks so cute in her swimsuit! Mine has only spent time away from her parents at school and at home with a babysitter. She's better behaved on home turf/familiar surroundings. She has yet to go out sans me or daddy with another parent. She might be a bit much for them.

    1. See, that's funny! P. is generally better behaved for others - she listens better, is less prone to tantruming, and so on. I was the same way - a little angel with other people's parents :)

  4. Such a cute beach shot and you are lucky to have a friend who will take them on cool outings! My baby books are filled in random spurts, will likely work on new babies book this week (I hope)!!


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