Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finding Tiny Antidotes to Sadsackery

I know I've been kind of a sad sack lately. If you think I've been glum, you should see the new additions to my Kindle library!

It's a plain old Thursday, though beautiful. The sun is back and the humidity is gone. I have to work, but I got up from the table and went outside to pull weeds. I spent a few minutes just looking around the gardens. Thinking about how much it has all changed and how we've been the ones to change it with a lot of hard work. Plants from Freecycle and friends. Like strawberries and forsythia and the raspberry canes that have suddenly started taking over (which is exactly what we hoped they'd do). I grabbed a few sun warm ripe strawberries. Accidentally unearthed the only beet we've managed to sprout this year.

Then: Cursed the roly-polies that ate my celery to death. And shrugged. I don't even like celery that much.

Just walking a circuit around the house did a lot to lift my mood. Tomorrow morning is the amnio, so I thought that today I'd treat myself to something. Or lots of somethings. Maybe something sweet for lunch or an iced latte. Maybe I'll make popcorn on the stove and we'll order dinner in. I don't know yet, so feel free to offer suggestions!

I also completely forgot to mention that while everything was happening last week, my dad and his wife came up from Florida to visit our corner of the country and it gave me the perfect opportunity to test out the Bloggie Touch from Sony. Final verdict: It takes okay pictures, but the final product isn't nearly as nice as what comes out of our regular camera. The aspect ratio is also odd, and the sharing features are not nearly exciting enough to make me want to recommend it as an alternative to other cameras. At least it was fun to take it for a test drive!

Bloggie Touch


genetic testing

how babby formed


grandparents visit

Hope you have a happy day!



  1. Her hair is getting really thick! I can't wait for Del to have thick hair. While you are cursing the pill bugs, which we have mega tons of lurking at the edges of the garden, I am waiving my fists half heartedly at the chipmunks, that keep digging in my pot of radishes and making off with them. ;)

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the amnio tomorrow. I hope it doesn't take them too long to get the results to you.

  2. your not a sad sack. hooray for finding little bits of happy


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