Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Self Portrait for the Saturday Selfies at The Idea Girl

Somewhere in my archives there is a post about how I'm almost never in the pictures I share because I'm usually the one behind the camera. The comments on that post pointed to this being a fairly common thing in families. So lately, I've been specifically handing the camera to the BabbyDaddy so there is evidence of me and this pregnancy since it may be my last one.

But sometimes I still manage to get an image or two of myself even when I'm the one in charge of the camera - as was the case at a beach birthday party we attended on what became a spectacular day.

christa terry

I don't know how good I'll be at participating in the Saturday Selfies project hosted by Audrey at The Idea Girl. Today's was easy because it was just an intro, whatever photograph popped into your head. Next Saturday, it's hats. I love hats so that's no problemo, but I'm tres forgetful these days.

The first submission deadline has been extended until this Friday - so grab your camera and play along!


  1. Love the picture! You are one of those lucky few who have no bad angles I think. :D

    1. Someday you should drop in and I'll show you my secret folder of absolutely hideous photos of me! I'll make cupcakes and we can laugh and laugh!

  2. Not sure what your comment on my page was about, you're beautiful.


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