Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Self Portrait for the Saturday Selfies, Week 2

christa terry portrait

Is it Saturday again already? 

I haven't been feeling that great so I didn't have anything fun or creative planned - but participating in Week 2 of Audrey's Saturday Selfies self portrait challenge did give me a fine excuse to figure out how to use the color select feature on my camera.

This week’s photo challenge was to take a self portrait that included a hat, and here is me wearing the red straw hat I bought in Jaco on our much delayed, family-style honeymoon.

For those wondering just what 'not feeling great' means, it has meant the BabbyDaddy and I trying to decide whether stomach cramps are contractions or a tummy bug and whether calling the birth center should be on my to-do list. Or is it just the start of a cold? How many Braxton-Hicks contractions are too many? What is pain, anyway?

As you might imagine, I'm not in a great mood and I think the quick self portrait I took tonight shows it. Also, I hope you wanted to look up my nose again!


  1. Replies
    1. I've been getting so many hair compliments - I think it's a pregnancy hormone thing. My secret? Dirty hair that I cut shoddily myself. That's why I'm thinking it has to be pregnancy related.

  2. That is such a cool picture! I love the juxtaposition of red and gray - wow, look! A word I haven't used since art school! LOL. Seriously, hope you are settling in and getting more comfortable in these final weeks. I think the "not knowing" when it's going to happen is the worst!

  3. looking good lady! sorry you're not feeling great. I hope it's a 24 hr tummy bug

  4. Love this picture! If I hadn't been buried under party prep for a 4 year old I would have commented sooner. I agree with the hair compliments, but I generally love your hair so I don't think it's all hormones. ;)

  5. Color select goodness! Very nice nose too.


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