Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning Gratitude

Some things I am grateful for on this beautiful day, with its crisp tang of fall in the morning breeze:
  • The banana bread I just found in the freezer. I've been going through, taking out last season's loaves of quick breads for breakfasts in preparation for all the baking I think I'll want to do as the weather gets colder. (And for the BabbyDaddy, who made the banana bread.)
  • That I can still walk P. to and from daycare. As in I have the energy to do so, the limberness to do so, and I can usually make it there and back without having to use the bathroom midway.
  • Our recent vacation. Did you know that the Costa Rica trip was our first ever family vacation, with or without kids? For the whole of our marriage, all vacation time up until now has been used visiting family. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Signing up for Mint. No, really. In a single day, I feel like I know more about how we spend our money than ever before. I'm really looking forward to seeing trends because I think we could be saving so much more - and paying off the BabbyDaddy's lingering student loans that much faster.
  • The fact that I can afford to take unpaid maternity leave, because it's not like there was a dragon's chance of my being spontaneously offered paid leave. And that I can work from home, at my kitchen table, with the door wide open to let in the fresh air.
  • And this, which just makes my heart melt:
toddler ballet class

toddler dance class

I'm super excited for next week's ballet class and then for the beginning of October, when we'll register P. for the tap class, too!

Have a beautiful week! What are you feeling grateful for?


  1. Baby ballerinas always thrill me! I love 'em! xo L

  2. I'm grateful for blogs like yours that remind me of all the good things in life! Hope the final stretch of your pregnancy is going well.


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