Friday, November 2, 2012

Homecomings, One Old and One New

One of our big regrets surrounding P.'s hospital discharge was that we never got to take a photo. She was released from the NICU unexpectedly - we returned to the special care nursery after having lunch and a nurse asked us out of nowhere if we wanted to go home as a family. We didn't have our camera with us, but it didn't seem like a big deal compared with taking our preemie home. The NICU took a homecoming photo for their office albums, but it's not standard procedure to offer parents a copy.

When we were camped out in the regular maternity ward with our almost full-term hardly-a-preemie baby boy, though, I realized that there was nothing stopping us from walking over to the special care nursery to ask to take a picture of the picture. That's what we did once someone from the NICU staff kindly found the picture for us - and then that same kindly person walked over to our room to give us the print!

bringing a baby home

A day later, when it was time to take H. home, we naturally made sure to have the nurse handling our maternity discharge take a few photos of us all set and ready to show our little man a bit more of the wide, wide world.

bringing a baby home

Oddly enough, we ended up grabbing the same receiving blanket for H. that kept P. toasty when she took her first breath of non-hospital air. Everything else, though, felt different - and not just because I'm a brunette now. There was no talk of a follow up with the lactation consultants. No expectation of multiple medical appointments in the first month. No breast pump rental or frozen milk to take home. And no real worries about H.'s weight since he regained his birth weight (minus one ounce) twelve hours before our release.

I'm happy about a lot of things right now, but I'm especially happy that we finally had a photo of P.'s NICU discharge for the homecoming spot in her baby book - and a photo of H.'s worry-free maternity discharge for his.

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