Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Making of P.'s Thanksgiving Strawberry Cake

The mister and I have often wondered if P. is truly ours, considering her utter disdain for mashed potatoes. Add to that her dislike for cooked vegetables, sauces, faux meats, anything with texture, and even cranberry sauce, and her Thanksgiving plate is generally all but empty. I thought I might have more luck sharing a proper Thanksgiving dinner with my entire family - save H., who dined on breastmilk - if I asked P. specifically what she wanted. Her choice? Strawberry cake.

It would be dessert since I never did clarify that I meant something for dinner. Proof that she's mine, I guess! P. and I did have lots of fun making the cake and then watching the frosting come together. We even iced it in tandem, and then she had a blast decorating it with about four entire bottles of colored sugar and animal sprinkles.

strawberry cake thanksgiving

The verdict? Amazing. Gorgeous. Light and dense at the same time. Delish. I think so, anyway. P. was unimpressed with the outcome and was far more interested in the simple, old fashioned chocolate chip sugar cookies I whipped up while waiting for our actual Thanksgiving meal to finish cooking. Ah, well, more for moi!

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  1. I stared at H in your banner for a whole minute! He is just beautiful! You make pretty babies! ...and pretty cakes!


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