Sunday, January 13, 2013

P. the Artist and the Evolution of Skill

One of my favorite things about being a mama is getting to watch my littles' skills evolve. Especially when it seems to just happen without any input from me or the mister.

Let's talk about art.

When I was small, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up - not knowing that for most people it means something other than painting all day and somehow getting paid for it. Throughout my life, I've sketched and painted on and off. (Don't think I'm suggesting I'm any good at it. Maybe if you ask nicely I'll take a picture of one of my paintings, but don't expect Rembrandt all up in here.) So of course P. wanting to draw makes me go all mushy inside. Especially when she draws me!

Here's some of her recent work:

early childhood artwork

Moving clockwise from the top left you have the mister in a sweater, P. carrying a gold purse, a self portrait by P., the mister and his mama with the red seagull mug that broke, me rendered in whiteboard marker, and P. with her friend Haley who is wearing a dress with a bow.

Now, back to evolution of skills. The three rectangular drawings were done about two weeks ago, right about the time she started giving arms substance. The three squares are from a few days ago. Can you spot the difference? That's right, fingers. In the earlier drawings her hands were mostly formless, but in the later pictures she has started to try to render digits.

How cool is that? NO, SERIOUSLY, HOW COOL IS THAT?

This isn't just about parental hubris - I'm not just babbling about my little artist. Trust me, I've seen artwork by tiny art prodigies and P.'s work does not measure up.

I just think it's really amazing to see an outward sign of the new connections forming inside P.'s brain. We didn't coach her on adding fingers because I don't like to interfere in P.'s creative process unless asked. She just figured it out one day, all on her own. So I have to say it again... how cool is that?

What amazing changes have you seen in your kids' skills lately?


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    1. Her work and his have a lot in common. But I'm pretty sure Picasso was more intentional in his rendering ;)


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