Monday, January 28, 2013

9 of the Weird and Worrisome Ways Readers Get Here

weird search terms

Following blog analytics isn't everyone's cuppa, but I like to poke around to see who's reading and how many people are reading and how they find me. Most of y'all get here because you know me, either in real life or because we're blog besties or because you've followed a comment I left somewhere else. (Please, introduce yourself if you're lurking!)

According to Google, though, some of the people who find themselves here got here via search. And oh, what a search it must have been based on some of the organic terms. Here are nine of the weirder ones:
  • babby bloody butt
  • how long ago was Christmas made
  • baby getting peeing
  • Mr. Midwife
  • awesome science pictures
  • suck in belly
  • feet images
  • how is babby in water bag
The bounce rate on these search terms is pretty high so I guess I should apologize for the lack of awesome science pictures and feet images for the pervos. I have no idea how long ago Christmas was made. There actually is a Mr. Midwife, and his name is Patrick, but his website is now in Japanese and about tax accounting. As for the peeing and the blood and the, um, water bag, I'm at a loss. But I am currently sucking in my belly, so there's that.

What weird search terms have sent people to your blog?


  1. I love to see the way people find my blog. I look every couple of months when I need a good laugh.

    1. I want to tell Google Analytics thanks for the chuckle!

  2. I actually try NOT to look because it creeps me out! But now, I'm going to have to look again!

  3. bahahaha I love google analytics just for this. I need to install it on my blog so I can see these kinds of results myself :)

  4. some of those searches are pretty cringy. Now I am afraid to look at my analytics.

  5. yeah those are some really weird search terms!! The most disturbing search term in my analytics is "baby fell"! I have no idea what I wrote about to achieve that recognition!!


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